Thursday, October 31, 2013

What October Looks Like

Temple Date

I wish you could grasp the size of this thing.
It was huge. Like a sausage.

Brandon could be on American Ninja Warrior.

His band teacher had him try the tuba for a couple weeks.
That was fun to lug home.

Did you see these FUN wigs at Target?

Date night! Mellow Mushroom and art galleries downtown.

The girls giving daddy a "spa day"

Both girls are having fun in their gymnastics classes.

During a drizzly soccer game, we got great use out
of our eight foot you-know-what.

 Finished Gate City 2013 season.
Our team finished 6th out of 14 teams.
Diane was my partner most of the season. 
LOVE playing with her. We were 4-1 together.
I was 5-2 on the season. Yes!

Fun lunch date at Miss Bea's house.

Whitney's field trip to Proehlific Park.
 I think this was my favorite field trip ever.

 Isn't that an awesome indoor football field?
 Whit's first time playing Knock-Out.
She took second place!

 Getting instructions for "Zombie Apocalypse"

 So glad I could play with her and her friends.

 Halloween Skate Night!

 So fun to see school friends outside of school.

 I think amazon may have overestimated the size of box
they would need to ship my shirt.
What do you think?

 Mmmmm...can you smell the tortillas?
They were delicious.

Look what happened to our tree.
One of the kids tied a shoelace around it 
and it has grown into the limb.
Poor tree.


  1. Oooo we love Mellow Mushroom. And that Tuba is huge! And I think I am going to invite you over for Taco night just so you can bring those homemade tortillas!

  2. I enjoyed this earlier today and wanted to comment just now and was trying to remember what picture made me laugh out loud....I had to scroll through was the box with the shirt in it! Looking at it just now made me laugh all over again! Awessome October to you!
    XO Mom S

  3. Can't wait to hear how things are working out with the tuba.
    Does Brandon's school have a marching band?
    Thanks for sharing.