Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch

Caroline's first field trip of the year was a fun one--to the pumpkin patch. I was so glad I could tag along and enjoy the day with her and some of her little friends. Kindergarteners are great!

When kids are in kindergarten, the parents are usually still really gung-ho about being involved in school. Love that! So that means, I only had to be in charge of these three cuties. We visited Whitaker Farms.

First, we toured the greenhouses and
saw all the plants they are growing in there.

Including a pineapple plant.
How cool is that?

Each kid got to plant their own 
little lettuce plant to take home.

We learned all about WORMS.

The kids got to ride this cute little animal train.

They got their faces painted

And they had a cute little area set up for photo ops.

The girls loved these bouncy balls.

Then we took a bumpy hayride out to the barn.

C milked a fake cow.

And pet a real pony.

And helped stuff a scarecrow.

Our next stop was supposed to be the pumpkin patch. But it started raining. Boo. Instead, the farmers braved the rain to pick a bunch of pumpkins, and the kids got to choose one from the pile. C didn't seem to mind. We finished before the school day was over, so we enjoyed a little one-on-one time before Whit came home from school. I miss that!


  1. What a fun first field trip!

  2. Great field trip! Oh you've had some mighty fine pumpkin patch experiences over the last decade!!

  3. Looks like a fun field trip!!