Monday, October 28, 2013

Our little dumpster diver

Our church building is not in the best part of town. There are apartment complexes surrounding it and there is a spot right before you get to our parking lot where there is always a big pile of bulky trash items--couches, old tv's, mattresses. Very lovely and welcoming. Ha.

A couple of weeks ago we were leaving church and there were three old tires in that spot. And they were calling to Brandon. He asked if we could take them home. And I couldn't think of a good reason to say no. So we pulled over and loaded them in the van. It's funny to see the looks on your friends' faces as they drive by and see you picking up old tires from the side of the road.

In B's mind, he could see the tires as part of a sweet obstacle course in the woods behind our house. That hasn't happened yet. But....he did do something fun with one of the tires.

A tire swing!

We don't exactly have a good tree for a tire swing. Poor B had to climb maybe 20 feet up to the branch that this is hanging from. 

 What a great big brother!

Luckily, he didn't seem to mind it much.

It has been a hit so far. I just wish we had found those tires a little sooner. It's just now starting to get a little chilly to play outside.


  1. One of my favorite posts ever - so random (a great Andrea word!) and so creative and just so funny too, to think of Brandon wanting to haul those away and you LET him, and then he made a swing. Loved it!
    Mom S