Thursday, October 24, 2013

Low Quality NBA

This is the second season that the Charlotte Bobcats have played a preseason game in Greensboro. Right here. So close! Last time they played the Heat when Shaq was still playing. There was no question we were going to that game. Loved it. This year they were playing the Mavs. We twiddled our thumbs thinking about going. They have cheap tickets. And we'd get to see Dirk play. We decided to go for it.

We threw on all of our Bobcats clothes and headed down to the Coliseum.

We decided to get the cheapest second level tickets. When I looked at the map online, the seats didn't look bad--about the 5th row of the upper deck. But then we showed up, we found that they are remodeling the second level and these were actually THE VERY LAST ROW. That black plastic sheet kind of bugged me. But I guess that's what you get with a $10 seat. At least they were nice and cushioned.

During warm-ups we realized something was missing. Dirk wasn't on the court. Andrew looked up his status and found that it was Dirk's night off as well as Al Jefferson's, the Bobcats' best player. Boo. All of a sudden our $10 tickets are feeling like a rip off.

 Dirk warming the bench.

The Bobcats got killed. There were some hilarious botched plays. We saw a few great dunks. Brandon caught a growl towel. Or the guys in front of us did and passed it back to B, who had been screaming his lungs out for it. Our action shots:

The halftime show was a unicycling couple with a cameo by their son. It was pretty cool. Andrew couldn't handle the man riding the giant unicycle. He had to close his eyes.

Overall, it was a fun way to spend an evening. I guess I'd do it again. But I still wish Dirk would have played.


  1. My two favorite things about this post: Caroline's pink boots, and the fact that Drew was so freaked out by the unicycle man that he had to close his eyes.

  2. You have as many pictures of the unicyclists as the basketball game. (-:

    I love that Andrew had to close his eyes too.

  3. I third that motion! and at least cam Newton and your Panthers are on the rise!
    Mom S