Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Festival and Halloween

I love getting dressed up. And helping the girls get dressed up. And convincing Andrew that he should dress up with me. And wondering if Brandon is going to dress up.  So fun!

This year we had two cowgirls, an injured soccer player,
a knight and a lady.


 I bought this dress on clearance last year for ten bucks. Score!
It has been sitting in my closet and I was so excited to bust it out.
It took some convincing, but Andrew agreed to be my knight. 
He told me, "It takes a lot of confidence to be your husband.":)
I'm so glad he was up for it. I love an excuse to dress up.

I was asked to put together a photo booth spot for the night.
These props were a fun addition.
 Whit's like her mom.
She loves the camera.

Glinda and me.
Look, I'm levitating!
I guess Glinda's magic rubbed off on me.

Shelley and I could use some help with our props.
My smile shows around my kissy lips.
And her flower is saying "trick or treat."  Ha!

On Halloween afternoon, the girls had a little party
at their craft class with Angie and Audrey.

C got to see her long lost preschool friend.
They were SOOOO excited!

The girls convinced me to put on my fancy dress
to take them trick or treating.
 We just stuck to our neighborhood.

B dressed up in his suit this time.
When someone asked him what he was,
he would say, "What do you think?"
Whatever they guessed, he would agree with.
He was either a principal, a game show host,
or a well-dressed young man.

 We ran into Caroline's BFF from her kindergarten class.

We had a TON of trick-or-treaters again this year.
At some houses, there were lines of 15 or so to get candy.

 The goods.
I think the kids are getting sick of hearing me say,
"Make sure you brush your teeth REALLY well!"


  1. "It takes a lot of confidence to be your husband." That's hilarious!
    I love your dress. It's modest and everything. Good find!

  2. I love Andrew's comment too. You looked beautiful in your dress! And Andrew was handsome as well, and all the children delightful as always. What a fun Halloween!

  3. Everyone looks too beautiful for Halloween. A royal wedding, maybe?
    Brandon is really getting tall!
    The dental high genius couldn't resist, could she?

  4. You guys are such good sports dressing up. I loved your costumes!

  5. I loved Andrew's comment too! and you guys looked so royal, accompanied by your cowgirls and injured soccer player/maestro (that's what I think he looked like). I can't believe how many trick-or-treaters you get either. That Halloween night photo of your neighborhood is awesome! Lov eyou all,
    Grandma S