Thursday, November 7, 2013

Soccer champs!!!

Brandon got to play with the same team he was on last year, with a few new players in the mix. They had a really good season. They went 3-1-5. At least three of those five tied games ended in a score of 0-0. That was A LOT of soccer to watch without a goal. Good thing we love him.

The tournament was this past weekend. There are only four teams in his league, so there are two rounds. We won our semifinal game by a score of 3-0. Brandon played goalie for the first half and held them scoreless with a couple of good stops.

Unfortunately, the championship game was held on Sunday, which meant that Brandon missed it. I hate it when that happens. But his team won! So exciting! The game was tied 1-1 and was decided by penalty kicks, which we won. Woo hoo!

Brandon was more aggressive on the field this year and improved as a goalie. He loves soccer and looks forward to playing with the Thunder again in the spring.


  1. So exciting! Way to go Brandon! Where is school soccer start up for him?

  2. Way to play B-train! He looks so long and lanky and OLD in these pictures. He may be the first 6 foot 4 soccer goalie some day. Love the header shot.
    Grandmama S