Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Under the Sun

Carrie and I had such a fun time at the "Under the Sun" concert earlier this month.  I got tickets on special for dirt cheap.  It was our first time to the White Oak Amphitheater, a local outdoor venue. It was awesome! Under the Sun is a summer tour of washed up 90's bands.  Perfect!  We heard Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, and a little bit of Sugar Ray before we had to take off.

Our tickets were for lawn seating, which was nice and relaxing...and kind of far away from the action. Just about everyone else must have bought their tickets on special, too, because the lawn was full. There was some VIP seating right at the front of the stage, then almost all the rest of the seats were empty.
Can you see all the open green seats?

About half way through the concert, they announced that
anyone with lawn seats who wanted a chair could come up front.
There was a mad swarm for the front.
Carrie and I were happy on our blanket.
But after the crush of concert-goers, there were still lots
of open seats, so we moved up and enjoyed a better view.
So fun to sing and dance along to songs from our 
high school and early college years.

Most of the performers seemed like nice guys, resigned to their fate as music has-beens, playing for half-empty venues on summer weeknights.  Not the lead singer of Sugar Ray.  He still thinks of himself as a rock superstar. It was hilarious. I don't think he's changed a bit since the 90's. And he still has a potty mouth. We left just in time to hear a couple of their hits, but not have to endure his profanity for too long. 


  1. Never heard of any of those bands. Where's Glenn Miller when you need him?

  2. Oh Mark McGrath! He is too cute for his own good. Sounds like a fun night out!