Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kids' summer activities

Care Bear has kept up with her gymnastics this summer.  She goes twice a week and loves it.  I had my doubts when she complained about going the second week in.  But ever since we've been back from the road trip, she has been excited to go every time.  I'm so happy that she is enjoying it and progressing. I just hope I can keep up with the driving back and forth twice a week.

They have been working on the floor, the vault, strength, conditioning, and the beam. The parent-observation area is not in the best spot for photographing, so I only a few pictures that a snapped while she was on the beam.


Pose at the end of the beam.


Oops. Let's try that again.

 That's better.

 She looks like a gymnast, right?
Ok, a little on the lanky side, but still.
I'm proud of how hard she has worked this summer.

Miss Whitney chose to attend art camp again this year.  The theme was "Magic Carpet Mystery Shoppe." The kids did lots of detective work.  Whitney was even the culprit one day! She apparently stole the Pony Lisa, an invaluable masterpiece.

Here she is with Miss Jamie, her teacher.

And wearing one of her creations from the week.

She was even made a cameo on the local news.

B-train surprised me this summer. Instead of doing basketball or soccer camp, he said he'd like to try a week of tumbling and trampoline. With as much tumbling as he does around the house, I figured it was a good idea to get him some proper training.

When I picked him up at the end of the first day, he was not a happy camper. It was not quite what he expected. They didn't get to jump on the two big trampolines that he was looking forward to. They had some younger kids in his class with discipline problems, so a lot of the coach's time was spent on them. Lame. He decided to hang in there, though, and ended up enjoying it by the end of the week. 

 Some of the tricks he learned.
Pretty impressive for one week of half-day camp.

When we first got back from the road trip, I found myself wishing that I hadn't signed the kids up for any camps. I just wanted some down time at home. But in retrospect, I think this worked out perfect. We still had some lazy days here at home, but the kids never got bored. We have one last week of summer left and we're going to squeeze a few more fun things in before I ship all three of them off and have the house all to myself.  Yikes. Mixed feelings about that.


  1. So fun that Whit was on the news. And I am super impressed by B's new tamp skillz.

  2. Fun camps! I wish I learned those tricks on the trampoline when I was B's age.