Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday Night Live

My kids love heading downtown on the first Friday of the month. But it seems like we almost always have a conflict in our schedules.  Not this month! 

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and giant stamps

 There was a dance performance inside.
It was a collaboration between dance and art.
 In theory, I thought it sounded cool.

 In practice, it turned out to be awkward.

 Whit brought one of her BFF's along.
 They got their faces painted: a butterfly and a cheetah.

B-train opted for the design-your-own-mask table.

 Yee haw!

The weather was PERFECT for the outdoor concert.
The first band was...hmmm...interesting?
The second one was pretty good.

The girls showed of their moves.

Care Bear practiced some gymnastics.

It was such a relaxing night,
hanging out on our blanket with some snacks.

Even though the night was NOT warm,
the girls couldn't resist the fountains.

Our mini-Bellagio.

Andrew and I played a little frisbee
until it got too dark.

Such a fun, affordable way to spend an evening. Love it.


  1. Seriously, Andrea, your commitment to coming up with cool things to do as a family is a true talent. Lucky kids! Looks like fun.

  2. YOU LOVE THE BELLAGIO! Glad you have a mini one. Love the picture of the fam on the blankets! XO Mom Sweat