Monday, August 5, 2013

Let's go ride a bike

Right before the road trip, Caroline asked Andrew to help her learn to ride her bike without training wheels.  They spent one afternoon practicing. She did pretty well.  Then we left for a month with no bike for her to practice on.

In that month, her same-age cousin learned to ride.

Caroline couldn't be outdone. As soon as she heard that Macy could ride, she was convinced that she had to keep up.  Silly girl.

She has loved every minute of learning how to ride her big girl bike.  I can't believe how quickly she took to it. She has good balance, is careful without being too nervous, and is very determined when she decides she wants to do something.  We had a two-day bike-riding-lesson frenzy. And that's all it took.  She's a pro now! She can't get enough. She spends time riding her bike every day. It is so dang cute.

Brandon is hoping that we have another BMXer in the family.

Speaking of BMXers....

Check out Andrew's bunny hop.
He's still got it.

And he's passing his moves on to B-train.
Who, by the way, resorted to BMXing on his mountain bike
after he popped the front tire twice in two days on his BMX bike.
We have since purchased puncture resistant tires
that we're hoping will last more than a week.


  1. First swimming, and now riding a bike! Is there anything this girl can't do?!

  2. I love it when they learn to ride on their own! Now you guys can go on bike rides as a family (and so can we, finally). Glad to see Andrew has passed down his BMXing skillz.

  3. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your golden curls as you pedal down the street like a big kid. Seriously wonderful time of life! Ask Andrew about the video he had dad make of him and Tony and Ryan and Erik BMX-ing. We need to find that puppy and show it to Brandon. He would love it!
    Mom S

  4. Yea, Caroline! Macy says good job, too.