Friday, August 23, 2013

More cousin fun

We had such a good time last time we met our NC cousins, that we decided to squeeze in one more visit before school started.  We visited the same great science center and then found a FABULOUS park. So. much. fun.

Check out this AWESOME slide!


And I'd never seen one of these cool rocking teeter-totter things. Fun.

I wish we would have planned this a little better and had Avery come home with us.  The girls were sad to say good-bye and were plotting ways to run away together.  I guess we need to arrange more get-togethers for them. 


  1. Wow that playground does look awesome!

  2. Andrea, So Connie and Terry were there as well. That's cool. Did they get to visit on a P-day? Just curious as it looks like Terry has his missionary badge on.