Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--August

8/1--We were at a talent show listening to a piano solo.  Caroline asked, "What does this music sound like?"  She sat there thinking for a moment, I thought she was trying to come up with the name of the song, but she said, "Does it sound evil, sneaky or funny?"

8/6---I overheard the girls in the bathroom tonight:
W:  Caroline, no meditating in the bathtub.
C:  But I need to!

Miss Whitney, Meditation Police Officer

8/7--Apparently, these pictographs work really well.  Caroline was able to tell us the rules to get into the Arch:

No smoking
No guns
No hairspray
No suitcases
No dogs
No cups

8/15--We were at the water park today and it wasn't real hot, so the water felt chilly.  Both girls were shivering.  I, on the other hand, was not.  I told Whit, "I'm not shivering because I have more body fat than you two."  She agreed, "Yea.  A LOT more!"  


8/17--We were in Louisville and were using our GPS to find our way around.  It got us lost, though.  When we were upset at it for taking us the wrong way, Caroline said, "Maybe he was just joking."  

 I love a GPS with a sense of humor

8/17--I don't know where she heard this one, but more than once, C has told me, "I'm using my sense of abilities."  

8/22--While sitting at the table enjoying some popcorn shrimp for lunch, Caroline commented, "I can't believe I eat animals."

8/26--On the way to church this morning, Whitney was telling us about her dream.  Part of it involved a room full of candy.  Care Bear asked, "Like candy bars?  And chocolate chicken wings?"

Random Photos of the Month


 What happened when I asked them to pose for me

Following in her mama's footsteps?

Rockin the runway

What happens when the fish starts moving

 The latest in horse fashion

I would NOT want my trash company to keep that promise.

Ms. Creative made a snail out of her taffy

Fun at the optical store

My favorite character in the parade


  1. That picture of you and Andrew is hilarious! And I love Caroline's comment about using her sense of abilities. Too funny.

  2. Mmmmm....chocolate chicken wings...Aaaaahhhhh......

  3. Caroline must be reading Jane Austen.