Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

I was in complete denial that school was going to start.  I needed two more weeks with my kids at home.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently, yes.  Because school started whether I was ready or not.

The kids, on the other hand, seemed ready...(dare I say?) maybe even excited to head back to school.

 Miss Whitney started third grade.  She came home from her first day smiling and chipper as could be.  She seemed most excited that they have AGENDA'S in third grade.  They are notebooks where they keep track of homework and assignments.  She has been watching Brandon use his for the past three years.  And now SHE'S one of the big dogs on campus.  She LOVES her teachers.  They start switching rooms this year, so she has two. 

One of her best friends from second grade, Ria, is in her class again this year.  Woo hoo!  That does NOT happen often in a school as big as hers.  During school, one of her classmates told Whit, "You're more stylish this year than last year."  Huh.  I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult, but Whit seemed happy to hear it.  Recess and the reading corner in her classroom are two of her other favorite parts of third grade so far.

Brandon started sixth grade, his first year of MIDDLE SCHOOL.  I went through my moments of anxiety last year, but after attending orientation with him last week, I (mostly) felt at ease.  One of the biggest changes?  SMOD--Standard mode of dress.  He wears polo shirts, dress pants, and a belt to school every day.  Doesn't he look sharp?  I can't even get him to wear a belt to church!  

He also came home happy from his first day of school.  He likes his classmates and teachers.  He already memorized his locker combination.  He knows his way around the school for the most part.  Day two and three were a little more boring.  He's ready to be done with the learn-the-routine-lectures and actually do some school work.  I hope this year will be a good balance between challenging him and also being fun.  That's possible, right?

The hardest part about the middle school transition for me is that he's gone ALL DAY.  It's like he has a full time job.  The bus comes at 8:30 and he gets home at 4:20.  OK, I guess that would be kind of a cush job.  But, still, it's a long time for him to be away from us.  It seems kind of ridiculous.  And he only has a 15 minute bus ride.  As a mom, it's actually nice to have the kids come home at different times, though.  I can give Whitney my full attention when she walks in the door.  And then focus on Brandon when he gets home.  When they were both in elementary, it was a little trickier to get the nitty-gritty details from each one of them. 

Here's hoping for a great year for both of them!


  1. Middle school! AHHHHHH! Where does the time go?

  2. I hate having the kids gone for so long too. Jack's schedule is almost the same - carpool at 8:45 and I pick him up at 4:00. Too long. I'm glad they've had good first days. Whit is looking pretty stylish! And B's looking sharp too.

  3. They both look so OLD and beautiful/handsome (Whitney beautiful with a splash of handsome - Brandon handsome with a splash of beautifuL!).
    Grandma S