Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Road Trip 2012: By the Numbers

 41 Days

7310 Miles

137 Hours 30 Minutes driving time  

17 States (18 for Whit!)

1 New Nephew

1 New Niece

1 Great and Terrible Stomach Bug

6 Science Centers

0 Car problems 

81 (or more) Loved ones visited

2074 Pictures taken 

$2.99 Cheapest gas--Stanton, TN

$3.86 Most expensive gas--Huntington, WV

Countless memories made

I am so grateful that we have this tradition of visiting our family all across the country.  I love the adventure of it.  I am so glad that our family members will let us invade their homes and feed us while we're there.  Thanks, everyone!  Major props to Brandon, Whitney, and Caroline for being SUCH amazing kids in the car.  I am in awe of the beautiful world that the Lord created for us and relish the way I can take it all in.


  1. You guys are such troopers! You must seriously love to drive to do all of that! I also think it would be funny if you included the number of times C threw up or the ounces or something :). That poor child. She deserves never to be sick another day in her life!

  2. Love your trip updates. It gives me hope that one day i can do it.

  3. Woo whoo - I'm going to post with a hearty "THANK YOU!" before I even read the numbers.
    Mama S

  4. 1,000,000 - Scale on 1 to 10 on how happy I was to have you guys back home! - Drew

  5. You are amazing! That sounds like a great adventure.

  6. Did you cross the Columbia River and say hi to Washington State while you were that far north in Oregon? If you didn't, then I'm commanding you to drive back out there and repent!

  7. Truly, truly astonishing. You are amazing.