Thursday, August 9, 2012

Road Trip: My side of the fam

We sadly drove away from Oregon and brand-new baby Colt.  But, we were consoled by knowing that we would soon be meeting a brand new little niece.  Yippee!  And *maybe* Caroline's GTSB would be gone so that we could actually cuddle with this one.  Even better!

We had scheduled things perfectly to be ready for her arrival.  But, she had plans of her own and was apparently very comfy in her Mommy's belly, so we extended our stay to accommodate her coming *a whole week late*!  Poor Destiny.

While we were waiting, this is how we entertained ourselves.

My mom's friend let the kids ride her pony.


The kids had fun, but it wasn't what they were picturing.
I think they were under the impression that they would
be able to gallop around.  (Even though they've never
really spent time on a horse before.)

Spent one afternoon at the outdoor pool.
Brandon has gotten really good on the diving board.

And Whit figured out that SHE could jump off, too.  Awesome!

Care Bear had fun in the shallow pool.
I relaxed with my kindle and chatting on the phone.

Spent some quality time at the school playground.

Destiny and I got pedicures.

We went garage sale-ing with Robby and Destiny.
Found a $5 bike for B-train to keep at Gigi and Grandpa's house.
We went down to the skate park to try it out.
It handled like a $5 bike.

Had a fun mini-reunion with my dad's brother and a couple of his kids.
We failed to get a big group photo with everyone,
but here are most of us.

Uncle John's homemade root beer was a BIG hit.

Whit, B, and Trevor climbed Mt Asphalt.

Enjoyed yummy ice cream with Gigi.

Spent a fun afternoon jumpin' and jivin'
with Olivia and Uncle Robby.

The kids had a blast celebrating Harry Potter's 
birthday at the local library.

 Whit's admission letter from Hogwart's

 B working hard on a spells quiz

 One last family picture before the arrival of...

Hooray!  She finally decided to make her appearance.
We were all SO excited to meet her.
And shocked to find that she had bright red hair!

Now a family of four.

It was SO cute to see my kids with a newborn.
They are great big cousins.

Destiny and I wanted to do a newborn photo shoot of sweet baby Quinn.

After she was born, we managed to squeeze in a few more
activities before we started our trek home.
 Went geocaching with Grandpa.

 Found a couple caches.

 One of them was in a precarious perch above this arch.
B and I had to do some rock-climbing to get this one.
(See us way up there?)

 Also saw some awesome petroglyphs.

 These were in Nine Mile Canyon.

 LOVED the gorgeous scenery.

So fun to explore new territory with my dad and my kids.

 Also had fun at the indoor pool in Vernal.

 Water slides...

 and a HIGH DIVE--B's first time.

What a great week to be in Roosevelt--UBIC week!
It's a week-long celebration with entertainment all week long.

 Had a great time watching the talent show.

 And the weekend entertainment in the park.

 Caroline loved the music and looked like she was
ready to jump on stage herself.

 W enjoyed a coconut colada.
Who needs to go on a cruise to enjoy exotic drinks?

 Saturday was parade day.
 It was perfect parade weather.

 Look at that cute pony!
The kids collected candy, popsicles, water bottles,
toothbrushes, and frisbees.
They want to come back for UBIC next year.  :)

Saturday afternoon, Grandpa took Whit and B fishing.
 They had a great time and caught a whole bunch!

 Then it was time to say good-bye. 
 SO hard.
We will miss everyone terribly!

 But I'm so glad we could be there to meet brand-new baby Quinn.
And snuggle with her newborn goodness.
And play with Olivia.
And visit with Destiny, Robby, Grandma Cuca, Gigi, and Grandpa.
And THAT is why I am willing to drive all the way across the country
every summer.  SO worth it.


  1. You guys have been having so much fun! NC is going to seem boring when you get back. Baby Quinn is adorable. Love the hair and her name.

  2. What a beautiful little red-headed baby! I'm so glad you were able to see her and that you had so much fun with your family.

  3. We had so much fun with you all! It was worth being pregnant an extra week to get to spend extra time with everyone :) Loved all the pics. Oh, and I was at Jumpin N' Jivin too, didn't have fun with me??? ;)