Thursday, September 20, 2012

Denmark: The Little Things

So, I already posted A LOT about all the fun stuff Jayne and I did in Denmark, but so much of the adventure for me was in the little things.  Here are some of my random observations.

*I do so much travel with my kids that I thought it would be fun to be on my own and not have to worry about someone else.  My flight out there ended up taking SO long (about 22 hours door to door!) that I actually found myself feeling lonely.  I missed having someone to laugh with.  And I had a nagging feeling that I should be in charge of someone, but couldn't figure out who. 

*International flights rock!  This was the first time I'd been on one.  We all get blankets, pillows, and headsets.  Our seats all have touchscreens with free movies, music and games.  And they feed us!  A full meal and another smaller snack.  And it was good food, too.  Plus, we get to check a bag for free.  Why aren't all flights like this???

 My blurry picture because I was afraid to use my flash.
My seatmates thought I was weird enough for taking a
picture of my dinner.  Didn't want to draw more attention.  :)

*In Denmark, when you meet someone at the airport, you bring the Danish flag and wave it when you greet them.  SO great to see Jayne and her son standing near baggage claim waving one as well as a US flag.  Fun!

*The parents of young children have the cutest strollers!  They remind me of old-fashioned carriages.  Very cute.  And you see them everywhere.

*They have yummy bakeries.  Jayne's husband got us an assortment of goodies one morning.  Some of them have marzipan in the bottom.  Delicious!

*Almost everyone in Denmark is at least bilingual.  Amazing.

*All the cafes with outdoor seating not only have outdoor space heaters, but also provide blankets to keep you warm on chilly nights.  How thoughtful.

*The restaurants all have yummy juice options on the menu.  For me, as a non-soda-drinker, this was awesome.  I tried elderflower, apple/berry, and (my favorite) blueberry juice.

*Jayne taught me the way to do cheers in Denmark.  You raise your glass and slowly say, "Skol!" And then you say it again, not so loud, as bring your glass down.  And you don't actually clink your glasses together.  My kids love it and we do it at dinner most nights now.  Fun!

*Lots of people wear glasses there.  And they're not subtle glasses, these people are making a fashion statement with their specs.

*Same with scarves.  Lots of women wear bright, colorful ones.  And not necessarily to keep warm, just to look cute.

*The word for boat is "bad" (except the A has that little dot over it, don't know how to make my blog do that.) And the word for speed is "fart."

Thus, the name for this boat.
Ha ha ha ha.

*I got to go to the grocery store with Jayne.  They are cute!  The aisles are more narrow.  And they don't have shopping carts ("buggies" here in the South).  Instead, they have baskets like the ones you get at Target if you just need a few items.  (I've never used one, but I've heard.   :))  But the baskets in Denmark have wheels on the bottom and a long handle, so you just wheel them around the store.  I guess I'd have to bring all the of the kids with me and have them each pull a basket if I wanted to do my normal amount of grocery shopping.

*They have 7-11 there!  Luckies.  We don't even have 7-11 here in our city.  Andrew was so jealous when I showed him this pic:

*The doors!  I LOVED the doors.  To homes, to public buildings.  They had so many gorgeous ones.

 This collage doesn't do them justice,
but at least you can get a peek at what I mean.

And that concludes my overseas travel journal.
Let's do this again sometime, shall we?


  1. Loved learning these fun facts!

  2. Wow! I liked the little things best of all!
    MOM S