Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kid Updates

The kids have been busy!  Lots of fun stuff going on around here.

Caroline started her last year of preschool.
 She was giddy about her first day.

Truly, she skipped all the way in to her classroom.
"Are you coming, Mom?"

She has 18 kids in her class this year.  (Huge!)
Here are two of her three teachers:
Mrs. W. 

Mrs. A.

She ended up with several of her friends from last year's class and is having a blast with them.  Her favorite part is playing "Super Girls and Bad Boys" out on the playground.  

Another first for Caroline:
She started ballet class with Miss Shelley.
Woo hoo!

She loves it and looks forward to it every week.
Her favorite part is when they get to choose a 
stuffed animal as a "dance helper."
Last week, she chose a plush lobster.

Brandon started fall soccer.He's on the Thunder this season.Practices can be kind of brutal.Lots of push-ups and running suicides.Bur apparently the hard work is paying off.  Out of their first three games, they've won 2 and tied 1.  Here are the actions shot we got so far:

Whitney is in the middle of her off-season,
no extracurriculars for now.
But she got a hair cut last week:
Lookin good!

In Scouting news, Brandon earned his Arrow of Light Award. We are so proud of him. When he finished his Webelos badge, he told us, "I'm done with Scouts." But when we saw how close he was to his Arrow of Light, which is the highest award you can achieve in cub scouts, we (mainly Andrew) encouraged him to keep going and he did it.  He finished all the requirements back in June before our road trip, but this was the first Pack Meeting where all of us around for him to receive it.

 During the ceremony.

 All painted up.

Welcomed into the Boy Scout Troop.

Way to go, B-train!


  1. So much fun! I can't believe it's Caroline's last year of preschool. She's grown up way too fast! Looks like Jonas and Brandon are in the same Scouts/soccer groove too.

  2. Great job Brandon on the arrow of light! That is so awesome!

  3. Thanks for posting these kid updates! Congratulations to Brandon on Scouts - he looks so OLD in all of those pictures - great action shots at Soccer! Care Bear looks all grown up too - and Whitney is lookin' good at lookin' gorgeous.
    Mom S

  4. It's fun to go back and look at Brandon's soccer pictures from two or three years ago and compare the action shots to these. He's looking great out there.