Monday, July 16, 2012

Road Trip: Winslow

This is the first time in years that I've felt homesick for the desert.  I miss it!  Even though I've been gone from Winslow for sixteen years (seriously?), it still feels like home when I pull into town.  Not that I'd actually want to move back.  I'm spoiled to having more than one option for shopping and entertainment.  But I do wish I could visit more often.

 Especially to see more of these two cutie-pattooties,
Gabriel and Marcos.

 We got there just in time to take a walk out
to the desert where we used to ride our bikes 
and explore as kids.

 And caught a gorgeous sunset.

 Love taking my kids exploring in my old stomping grounds.

 Little Painted Desert
It was a perfect morning for a hike.

The boys were happy in their backpacks.

The trail was a little more precarious than we thought.
Grandma Cuca decided to sit this one out.

 B-train took the crazy route.

 And got to slide down.  Weeeee.

The kids gave it 6 out of 6 thumbs up.

Meteor Crater

This is one of those landmarks right by Winslow that I hadn't been to since I was a kid.  It was very cool and I'm glad we went, but it was expensive.  So we probably won't go back for several more years.

 Checking out a big chunk of meteorite.
The visitors center was great--
interesting museum,
educational and entertaining movie,
and a fun gift shop.

 Out at the crater.
That thing is big!
You could fit 20 football fields on the bottom.

This is a life-size astronaut and flag at the bottom.
Picture taken with my 40x zoom.

 The grandkids with Grandma Cuca

 My girls made sand angels.

 The view of the San Francisco peaks from Meteor Crater.
Check out that sky!

 When we were back in town,
 I had the girls pose in the flatbed Ford.

and standing on a corner.

We also had fun just hanging out with Mark and Taylor
and their boys.
 My favorite was listening to Marcos' contagious
giggle when B-train would chase him.

 And hearing both boys speak Spanish.

We also got to eat some of Modie's tamales.
So so so good.
And saw a few good friends at church on Sunday.

Thanks, Taylor and Mark, for letting us crash your place!


  1. So fun! We can't wait to have you back though!

  2. The Meteor Crater! In college my friend and I took a random roadtrip through the desert and reservation lands of AZ. We pulled up to the site and decided $8 was too much to pay, so we continued driving down the back roads to wherever. A few years later, we were random roadtripping again and drove 2 hours out of our way to see the crater since the curiosity had festered. The price had jumped to $12, but at least we both had jobs by then. That hole is HUGE!!! I have a pic somewhere of me and the astronaut with the crater backdrop. Fun memories.