Monday, July 2, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--June

Our annual drive-across-the-country-for-fun trip has started.  And I can't get my computer to connect to the internet.  So, I'm on my aunt's computer and can't figure out how to get the pics to work right.  So this is the best that I could do.

6/3--We had one of those CFL bulbs burn out.  (Aren't they supposed to last forever?)  Whitney said, "We're not supposed to throw those in the regular trash can because they have Neptune in them, right?"  Well, close, sweetheart.  They have mercury.

6/4--I had a watermelon sitting on the counter, waiting to be sliced.  Caroline looked at it and said, "I'm envious of that melon."  Where does she come up with these things?

6/12--Caroline was playing at the McDonald's playland with Whit, another school-aged girl and a little toddler.  She ran over to Andrew and me and told us, "We're not supposed to touch that baby.  She's pointless."  What? "Her big sister told me that she's pointless and not to touch her."  We thought that was hilarious.  And confusing.  Found out later they were pretending the baby was *poisonous*. That McDonalds has now been renamed "The poisonous baby McDonalds."

6/19--C's random conversation in the van
C:  Houses are REALLY expensive, right?
Me:  Yes.  It's the most expensive thing we've ever bought.
C:  How did you carry it???

6/20--At the science center, Care Bear asked the donkey, "Excuse me, Mr. Donkey, why are you so polite today?"

6/21--What Caroline told me after her bath that made me just want to eat her up, "When I grow up, I can help my kids take baths.  I'm going to be a great mom!  And you can be my best friend."   *floop* That was the sound of my heart melting.

6/22--Care Bear is really into what is real and what is not real.  She'll ask me random questions throughout the day, "Are volcanoes real?  Unicorns are NOT real, right?  Are horns real?  But only some animals have real horns, huh?"

6/26--C's deep thoughts from the backseat, "How do dogs yawn?  Everything yawns, right?  Except ducks?  And flowers?"

Random photos of the month

These last few pics are what happens when you
let your kids hijack your camera at a baseball game.


  1. miss you already. and b's present came, but it's smaller than i thought it would be, so i'm debating whether or not to send it out to you. he might just get a card for now and a present when he gets back.

  2. Your heart makes a *floop* sound when it melts? Mine goes *bluh-bluh-blaaahhhh*. But you already know that - you've heart it a million times already. Love - Lonely Boy

  3. love it! especially the - everything yawns but ducks. and flowers. part. :D

  4. Neptune - classic!
    Grandma Sweat