Thursday, July 19, 2012

Road Trip: Andrew's side of the fam

Last summer, we had a reunion with my side of the family for Grandma Cuca's birthday.  This year, the hope was that all of Andrew's siblings could get together.  And it worked out!  We came from three different states and all converged on Andrew's parents' home.  Hooray!

We had a busy week.  
First, celebrating Angie's birthday
 with a delicious dinner at Market Street Grill.

Then cupcakes for the kiddios...

and cheesecake for the adults. Yummy yum yum.

Made our annual visit to BYU
Admired the art and exhibits around the Joseph Smith Bldg

And met our cousin Jessica for a quick visit over ice cream.

Also stopped for a short, but super fun visit with Anna and Gouch.

Celebrated the release of Tony's latest book:
with lots of family and friends.

We got to flip through the book and check it out for ourselves.
 It's awesome.

Checked out the shopping at City Creek.
Cool view of the temple from the sky bridge.

Watched the fountains choreographed to music,
kinda like a little Bellagio.

Also walked across the street to temple square for a little while.

 The Christus.

We also had a blast playing kickball and softball at the park one night.  But I didn't get any good pics.

Unfortunately, this week was also the beginning of The Great and Terrible Stomach Bug 2012.  Oh. my. gosh.  My girls got sick, sick, sick.  They have never been as sick as they were this week.  And we were on vacation.  Lovely.  It made for some rough days.  Very rough.  I felt so bad for them.  And sorry for myself.  It lasted (off and on) EIGHT days for poor Care Bear.  And we passed it on to cousins and aunts.  No fun at all.  Andrew and I had to do a lot of tag-team parenting, one of us staying home with whichever daughter happened to be sick that day.  Which was especially lame because this was the only week of the month that we got to spend together.  I'll leave it at that and hope for healthier days ahead.


  1. Oh no. 8 days is ridiculous! I am so sorry you guys got so sick. :(.

  2. We've felt so bad for poor Caroline and Whit too. Brandon must have some sort of super immune system!

  3. Brandon is indeed unbreakable. It was so great to see you guys! Great pictures too.