Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip: Bear Lake

One of the things we were most looking forward to this summer was spending a long weekend up at Bear Lake with Andrew's siblings, his parents, and all our nieces and nephews.  So fun!!  Between the rainy weather and the intermittent vomiting from my girls, it didn't go quite as we had anticipated.  But there were still lots of fun moments in between.
The scenery in Logan Canyon is breathtaking.
I was tired and wanted a nap, but couldn't
stop looking at all the gorgeous cliffs and trees.

You should have heard the screaming in the car when we passed this
caravan of 30 (or more) Porsches along the way.  Whoa.

We stayed at Ideal Beach.
They had these beautiful rolling green lawns,

some fun pools,

a perfect playground....

 (Caroline was especially fond of the merry-go-round),

and we were right on the beach.

The little ones had fun playing in the sand. (dirt?)
The worked together to build some
 pretty elaborate pools and moats.

C was happy as could be.

We rented jet skis one day.
Yee. haw.
It was my first time on one.
Took a little getting used to.
But we had fun.

Andrew called this ride "GiggleFest."
Vivi and Care Bear laughed the entire time.

The next day, we rented a boat.
I hear it was fun.

 The 11-yr-olds in the tube

B's favorite part of the whole weekend:
the water trampoline!

 Woo hoo!

When there was a torrential downpour outside,
we watched movies,

played cards,

played with Play-doh.

and played Ticket to Ride.
That's a lot of playing.

We also took family portraits with the whole lot of us.
Can't wait to get those back from the
photographer and see how they turned out!
I hope they're better than these ones B snapped of me and Drew.
It looks like my Grandma-Cuca-gene kicked in
and I forgot how to smile.  Boo.

I should have asked for lessons from the 4-year-olds.
They've got the smiling thing down pat!

My favorite part of the weekend?
Just hanging out and visiting with our family.
Such a rarity when we live so far away from each other.

We love our cousins!


  1. That was your first time on jet skis?! They're so fun!!! I hope Andrew took you for a good, fast, crazy ride.

    That picture of the 3 girls is just adorable! I can't wait to see the professional's pics.

  2. Oh what fun to see the great Bear Lake reunion 2012 in photos! So many of the pictures I wasn't there to see in person, so I'm seeing them for the first time. Hope everyone is doing well. We love you and miss you!
    Mom S

  3. Yay! Great photos Andrea. It was so great to spend time with your fam. I just wish you could have gone out on the boat at least once!! I totally should have dragged you on when we had that break in the rain. So fun to see the kids having such a great time together, though.