Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Road Trip: TX to AZ

When we left Aunt Irene and Uncle Bill's house, we headed to San Saba to spend some time with our relatives there.

The girls had fun riding Grandma Cuca's "horse."

Celebrated B's birthday.
He requested donuts in place of cake.

B was completely surprised by Uncle Bill's gift--
a trumpet! (He'll be playing in middle school next year.)

Spent Independence Day in San Saba.
Had a house full of friends and family.
We took turns ooohing and aaaahing 
over Marshall's pics from Europe.

Sent the kids to the front porch to eat their lunch.
(Later found several plates in the flower beds.)

Celebrated Grandma's birthday.

The kids were happy to have a little more time 
with Saylor and Roxy.


After a failed visit to the drive-thru car wash,
I paid the kids to wash the van.
 And then they ran through Grandma's sprinklers.

 Perfect for a hot TX day.

 Then we went down to the Mill Pond
 to watch the fireworks.
Small town celebrations are the best!

The next morning, we hit the road.
Grandma Cuca joined us.

Our first fun stop:
Science Spectrum in Lubbock.

 C loved the children's museum section.

 We had fun with the bubbles.

 We got some BIG ones.

We attempted to play virtual volleyball.
It was much harder than real volleyball.

 My favorite part:  the Hall of Holograms.

The kids gave Science Spectrum 5 out of 6 thumbs up.

Next stop:  ARIZONA!
 That flag is such a welcome sight.

Drove the kids by The Cozy Cone  Wigwam Hotel.

And had to stop and take pics with the Jackrabbit.


  1. That is so cool that Brandon got a trumpet for his birthday! Tell him to start getting ready for next year's talent show!

  2. We don't know anyone who has more fun on a road trip than you guys. Thanks for sharing.