Saturday, August 6, 2016

What May Looked Like

When we bought our house,
two squares of the driveway were cracked.
Nine years later, we decided to get it fixed.

Still need to power wash the rest of the driveway.

Baby geese!

GNO at Bea's house.

Lit a floating lantern in memory of Diane

Second Annual Amazing Race Date Night
We were paired up with a couple we didn't know.
They were AMAZING.

We took FIFTH place out of 21 teams.
Much better than last year's LAST place finish.

Mother's Day spoils! 
Love my new tennis bag, visor, board game and treats.

AND Andrew and Whit worked together
to make a caramel, brownie cheesecake.

Field trip to the Grasshoppers

Second graders are SO FUN to watch baseball with!

Watch them whip!

Ummmm....not where you want to end up 
when you are chaperoning...the first aid station.
One of my little guys got a bloody nose.

C said, "This sticker book is against the Word of Wisdom.
Look at all this wine!"

The license plate says COMMERCIAL FARM TRUCK.
Their farm must be doing well to be driving that Mercedes around!

My first USTA tennis team. Lots of fun ladies!

C will randomly use her fun money to buy 
fireworks and we get to light them as a family.


A dog hit me!!

Post-recital celebration at Sweet Frog

I went to another Hopper's game with my parents and Grandma Cuca

I caught a foul ball!!

Same exact size of pepper container,
but different amount of pepper inside.


  1. I love that you lit a lantern for your friend. That is so sweet.

  2. Love! But I've been looking at the picture of the car between C and her sticker book and you and your tennis friends. I still don't get it!

  3. Loved walking through May with you! All of it. Awesome!