Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Caroline's baptism

Caroline has been looking forward to her baptism for A LONG TIME. In January she had a school assignment to write down some resolutions for 2016 and she wrote that being baptized was her most important goal. What a great example!

One of her besties, R., turned eight the day after Caroline, so they got baptized at the same time. All four of their sets of grandparents live in Utah and ALL FOUR of them came out for the baptism. AND Care Bear had a bonus Great-Grandma Cuca in from Texas. I'm so grateful that family came from far and wide to share this special day with us!

C and I went out a few weeks before her baptism to do a photo shoot in her baptism dress.

She was a great little model for me!
This last photo was my favorite one,
but that streak of sunlight on her arm bugged me.
I spent HOURS trying to edit it to make it look natural.
And then we I actually dropped it into the invitation template,
her arm didn't fit in the frame.

R's mom, Jessica, and I worked together
to put together the program.
We had GREAT support from our ward family.
And Caroline invited several friends of other faiths
and five of them came, too.
We felt very loved!

Two cuties, ready to be baptized! 

Grateful for the priesthood and that 
Andrew could baptize her.

Lots of love for Caroline. 

Two freshly baptized girls!

They love pandas! :)


  1. Congrats to Caroline! I can't believe she is 8!

  2. Caroline's baptism was so beautiful - beautiful little girl and beautiful family. We love you!
    Mom S