Sunday, June 5, 2016

Recital: A Night in NYC

Recitals are always fun, but I was ESPECIALLY excited for Whitney's dance recital this year.

I couldn't wait to watch her dance en pointe!

So beautiful!

But.... added bonus...she got the role of Miss Hannigan in the musical theater production of Annie.

And she rocked it.

Oh. my. goodness.

That girl can put on a show. She lit up the stage. I LOVED watching her. And hearing her lavished with praise when the show was over.

The only downside???  ANDREW WAS OUT OF TOWN!! What??? Andrew doesn't even travel that often for work, usually about once a month for 3-4 days. But this was a big HR meeting in California that he couldn't get out of. He missed the show. I was SOOOOO bummed. Luckily, Miss Shelley is an amazing teacher and great friend who arranged for a dress rehearsal on the stage at the stake center so Andrew could watch. So awesome!

She danced in four numbers, plus the Annie production. It was a busy couple of nights!

New York, New York
A Rockettes number for Musical Theater
For some reason, I didn't take good pics at the recital.
I'm sharing a couple from the dress rehearsal instead.

Ballet III

Black Swan Variation,
Pointe and Pre Pointe

Hip Hop

Musical Theater

Curtain Call

Hogging the spotlight...

until Miss Shelley gave her a love kick off the stage. :)

Landyn came to watch!

So did Gigi and Grandpa G and Grandma Cuca...
but they ran off before I could get a pic!

So grateful for a fabulous dance teacher who
brings out the best in Whitney!
We love Miss Shelley!

For those who would like to watch the videos,
here you go! Enjoy!

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  1. Whitney looks gorgeous and is so graceful!! I'm really impressed with her Miss Hanigan performance. She can command the stage and looks so comfortable up there. Great job, Whit!