Monday, August 22, 2016

Road Trip 2016: Week 2: Andrew's Fam

We were supposed to have our reunion with Andrew's side of the family this summer. Unfortuantely, Wyatt was diagnosed with leukemia back in February and he and his family have been dealing with months of chemo, hospitalizations, and monitoring blood cell counts. They would have MUCH rather spent a week at Bear Lake playing with family, but since that wasn't possible, we canceled the reunion and continued praying for them.

Thankfully, Andrew's parents (who have been living with Angie and Forrest off and on for the last several months) were in town for the week that we were there. And we also got to spend time with Tony, Cindy, and their kids. It ended up being a fantastic week, even though we missed our Minnesota and Colorado siblings and cousins.

Vivi's baptism
We made it to Utah just in time for Vivian's baptism. 

So happy we could share her special day with her. 

The kids went swimming at the FREEZING reservoir

The cold never bothered them anyway. 

The kids loved playing with Truman. 

Played some fun games of Werewolf.
I'm a terrible liar. 

Andrew and Tony had some fun three-point shooting contests. 

Sunday dinner at Grandma's. 

The kids' table is growing up! 

These big girls got to join us at the grown-up table. 

Celebrated B's birthday 

Tone and Cind showed us how to print our own t-shirt designs.
We all chose a Sweat-themed design and wore them later in the week. 

Patriotic nails 

Patriotic bacon?? 

Water fun 

Fairy houses 

The 5-foot-3-inch club!
(I don't think Whitney will still be in it next summer.) 

Sweet Debbie let us borrow her grandkids' hoverboard. 

The kids had a blast with it....
until they broke it.

Backyard Family Photos

Front yard family fireworks
Pop-it fight 

Sparkler fun

Picnic and Kickball up the Canyon

Singing to Reagan's ukulele around the fire pit.
(Until we got kicked out by a park ranger. Oops.) 

Provo River
We had such a great time tubing the Provo River.
The water is FREEZING.
Your bum goes numb after a couple of minutes.

We had a beautiful sky and gorgeous mountain views. 

The four adults tied our tubes together. 

And the teens tied theirs together. 

Such a relaxing and fun way to spend an afternoon.
And we only got a few minor injuries. :)

Airbound Trampoline and Ninja Gym

Church History Museum 
They have remodeled the Church History Museum and it is awesome.
My favorite part was the Joseph Smith movie.
So well done, unique, and inspiring.

Gorgeous stained glass 

The kids liked the hands-on art section 

BYU visit

 Bean Museum

Scott Stirling jersey 

My little geocaching buddy 

Future cougars 

Visit with Denny, Joe, Emma, 
and Grandma and Grandpa Hiatt. 

Met Anna for breakfast.

Temple Trip with Andrew

Stewart Falls 
Tone and Cind introduced us to a BEAUTIFUL hike
near Aspen Grove.
We LOVED it.

And we decided it was a great time to wear our Sweat shirts.

Brrrrr.....that water was freezing,
but some of the big kids still went under the 

Wish these two could see each other more often!

On our last day in SLC, B had an appt to get
his ipod fixed at the Apple Store in City Creek Center. 

The Microsoft store was having a Virtual Reality event. 

It was pretty fun to try it out.
The first time any of us had.

Phew! We packed a lot into that week.
So happy we can have time to spend
with our family in the summer.
Love renewing those relationships and creating memories together.


  1. your sparkler pictures are super impressive!

  2. Oh.My.Goodness! We did so many fun things! I remember when you showed me the list with something fun for each day and it all really happened. Love you all it was like reliving it to look at these photos.