Monday, August 8, 2016

My little birthday getaway

For my birthday this year, I asked Andrew if we 
could go to SVU's education weekend.
Hooray! I got what I wanted.

We left on Friday afternoon.
Sister Medlin watched the girls for us.
Brandon stayed with Spencer and his family.
 We had a beautiful drive through the mountains.
It has rained on us every time we've driven to Buena Vista.

This time, we got a beautiful rainbow afterward. 

We made it in time for a quick dinner and to watch Oliver.

We were sad that we missed the Friday speakers,
but sure enjoyed the talks that we heard on Saturday.
 My favorites were Elspeth and Al Young,
two artists who were actually unable to make
it to the conference, but shared a video presentation.
I wish Whitney could have seen Elspeth's.
And the next time I went to the Raleigh temple,
they had new artwork and one of them is a
beautiful piece of Elspeth's work.
It was also great to just have Andrew to myself for a little while.
I love road trips with him, just talking and laughing
and enjoying the scenery go by.

We stopped at Maxie B's for cupcakes on the way home
and celebrated with the kids that night.
I love birthdays!

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  1. Love the picture of the two of you. So glad you got to do this! And I'm going to have to get my tooth fixed before I can say "Elspeth" without lithping.