Thursday, September 15, 2016

Road Trip 2016: Week 3: My family

After our week of fun with Andrew's family, we headed out to Roosevelt to spend some time with my side of the family. We missed Paul, Mark, Taylor, and their kids. But everyone else made it out. It was SO great to see everyone!

We loved having snuggle time with baby Trinity!

I love watching my kids interact with babies.

So sweet and adorable.

Trinity is just a doll!

Destiny and I snuck in a pedi one morning.

Roosevelt has a new city pool that is AWESOME.
The kids had fun swimming.
Andrew and I brought our books and hung out in the sun.
Which we loved.

Since Caroline turned 8 this year,
it was time for her big trip to DISNEYLAND
with Gigi and Grandpa. She was so excited!
And, big bonus, Sydney turns 8 this year, too,
so she got a built-in cousin-friend to come along.
Here are a few pics my parents sent from California:

They had a FABULOUS time.
Caroline rode her first few roller coasters and loved them.
What a fun tradition! 

Gigi hired Whit to walk Petunia every night
while they were away.

One morning, we went up to Vernal to 
hike and see the petroglyphs.
We went to McConkie Ranch.
I'd been once before and loved it.
The shack that serves as a giant guest book
and kind of creeps me out.

Red-rocky hills and mountains just call to me!
They want to be climbed!

Destiny started the trail with us, but the beginning
is a bit treacherous for a mom with a baby strapped to her.
She decided it would be safer to wait at the bottom.

Love these petroglyphs.

So cool to get a glimpse into the past.

And my nieces and nephews were great hiking buddies.

At the end, the woman who lives on the ranch gave us
a personalized tour of her little historical gallery.
Tons of artifacts and arrowheads found on the property.

We were happy we got to meet Andrea,
Celeste's new wife.

After the hike, we stopped
at a park to eat lunch and let the kids play.

Really fun day.

 Another day we headed out to Starvation Reservoir.
Isn't that the worst name?
Who wants to say that they're heading out to Starvation?
Anyway, despite the depressing-sounding name, we had
a great time!

We rented stand-up paddleboards.
It was out first time trying them.
I LIKED it, but I didn't LOVE it.

I liked kayaking better.

The three of us went on a hike to find a geocache...
but couldn't find it. Boo.

They had slacklines on the beach.

Really fun day at the beach.
I'd love to do it again.

These two spent lots of time with their devices.
They also had fun on Carson's scooter and long board,
but I didn't get any pics of that.

When my parents got back from California,
we had some fun singstar matches.

On another day, we headed back over to Vernal.
Whitney, Brandon, Carson, and Daneen
did baptisms at the Vernal temple.
This was Carson's first time and I was
happy his cousins could be with him.

While they were at the temple,
the rest of headed back to.....
McConkie Ranch!
When we were visiting with the owner,
she told me about a second trail
that you can hike.
I'd never tried it and wanted to.
Luckily, my family was up for joining me!

It was a beautiful afternoon.
And we saw more cool petroglyphs.

The best ones were WAY up on that rock.
I didn't have my good camera with me
and I don't know if you can even see them if you click on the above photo.
But they were spectacular!

We introduced my side of the family to Werewolf.
Apparently, the little ones can't be trusted to keep their eyes closed,
so they instituted blindfolds. Ha!

And we had cake to celebrate all the July birthdays
while we were together. Happy birthday!

We got one photo with everyone in it. Phew.

I'm so happy Celeste and Andrea and Daneen and her kids could travel to be here at the same time. We loved visiting with everyone!


  1. So fun that Caroline went to Disney! I still can't believe she is 8!!!

  2. Thanks for posting this blog. Almost forgot all the fun we had.

  3. Too fun!! Thanks for letting us share in these times of your life.
    Mom Sweat