Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What January Looked Like

Spelling Bee time!

3rd place in the school spelling bee!
("Debilitate" got her.)

Belated girls' night at Shani's

Using their gift cards from Aunt Irene--yum!

Talked about writing in our journals for FHE.

I read the kids snippets from my 6th grade journal.

Christmas couples massage.

W putting her sewing machine to work!

B's Jordan's arrived.
He's in love.

Drew and I went out to lunch and he got an EMPTY fortune cookie.
It was creepy.

Went to the temple with Brandon for the first time.

Stopped by later with the girls for a family selfie.

Met our cousins in Charlotte on MLK day.


Whit forgot her scriptures, so said she
needed to take my phone with her to Sunday school.

Her teacher.

Andrew and I volunteered with Partners Ending Homelessness
to do a homeless census. We counted exactly ZERO homeless
people in our assigned area. Felt useless.

Middle School Math Day
B's team got 4th place!


  1. January was a superior month! Almost nothing debilitating about it! I laughed out loud at you guys counting zero homeless people. That's hilarious. Loved seeing all of the photos of everything. Love you all and miss you!
    Grandmama Sweat

  2. Congrats to Whit! She is so awesome. I am super impressed with her learning all those hard words!