Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Days Galore

We're having another harsh winter! Or at least it has been rough by NC standards. We have had a couple of little snowstorms and supposedly have a big one on the way tonight. Yikes!

School has been cancelled for five of the last seven school days. We've had LOTS of quality time at home.

We had exactly one day of good sledding weather.
AND I finally bought sleds this year! 
(One of them already got broken.)

No hands! 

Street luge 

That looks like it hurts. 

Every year I forget how fun sledding is.
I love the wind in my face!

We spent a lot of time reading, 
watching TV,

and playing board games.

On some of the days, the roads were pretty bad, so we just
hunkered down here at home.

One day we had a science lesson where we made
hovering bumper cars with these balloons. 

The girls were crafty.

And one day they gave each other makeovers,
massages, and manicures.

When the roads cleared up,
we ventured out to Spare Time for laser tag and video games.
B was Legend--second place and the highest accuracy!
I was Inferno (7th), Whit was Elite (8th), 
and Care Bear was Pulsar (still beat 3 or 4 people).

 Three days after the storm.
There's this one section of our road that never sees the sun.
It was a huge ice patch.

 Five days after the storm.
Our back deck doesn't get much sun, either.
Still an icy mess back there.

I'm anxiously waiting for the school to call and cancel. Yesterday they called at 5:30 am. I'm hoping they decide BEFORE I head to bed tonight.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your harsh winter! Really, I am! Your pictures make me want to take someone sledding though - but we haven't had any snow!!! Crazy weather. Love to you alL!
    Grandma S