Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spotlight 2015: Andrew

Something in 2014 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome: Going to the Panthers/Saints Monday Night Football game with Brandon.

*you'll remember:  Realizing my back surgery was a success.

*you want to forget:  The lame seasons for BYU football and the Lakers.

*scared you:  Getting called into the stake presidency.

*you're good at:  Fantasy basketball.

*you're proud of:  Making diving one-handed catches at the turkey bowl.

*made you happy:  My surprise 40th birthday cruise from my hot wife.

*was exciting:  Going to Utah to surprise my dad for his birthday and retirement party.

*you earned, won, or accomplished:  Being asked to support part of the European side of the sales and marketing group at work.

Any other notable changes/events for 2014:  Living without constant nerve pain in my back. Turning forty. Going to the Outer Banks with my parents, Angie and Forrest. 

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
To fully recover from back surgery so I can start dunking again.
Fully recovered, but I've retired from basketball.

That I can join a competitive old man's basketball league.
I've retired from basketball, but signed up for a competitive tennis league in 2015.

That I can start writing another new book. (I'm kicking one around right now called The Nerd Vortex of Hunter Junior High that Saved the Universe)
I haven't written anything this year, but right now I'm kicking around one called How Mormons Won the Apocalypse

That the Honda dies and I can finally buy a midlife crisis sports car.
We sold the Honda and I bought my midlife crisis car--a 2010 Honda Element. I bought it for the awesome headroom. It is the only vehicle that I can sit up straight with good posture, which is great for my back. I had a very practical midlife crisis.

Hopes for 2015:
Win my fantasy basketball league.
Watch Andrea graduate from BYU.
Enjoy having one child in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school.
Have good health.
Have the Panthers win the super bowl.
Find out that I really enjoy competitive tennis leagues.

Something you like about your job:  The variety of opportunities and issues and the amount of freedom I have.

Something you don't like about your job:  Dealing with lawyers far too often.

A job you might want when you're older:  Fantasy basketball blogger


Restaurant: The Deck House

Sport:  Football

Recent reads:  Orson Scott Card's The First Formic War series

Candy or other treat:  Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream

Color:  Blue

Movie:  Napoleon Dynamite

Animal:  Cat

Snack:  Cats  Nuts in general--BBQ sunflower seeds, salted peanuts, and pistachios

TV show:  Survivor

Place:  Home

Season:  Fall

Meal:  Christmas Eve dinner

Game:  7 Wonders

RANDOM FACT:  When Andrea cuts my hair, she also trims my eyebrows.


  1. What do you have against lawyers Andrew!?!

  2. The random eyebrow cutting was my favorite part! It's as much fun reading about my son as it is reading about my grandchildren! Can't wait to read about you too Andrea!
    Mom S

  3. Natalie - Let me clarify, I have nothing but respect for lawyers. My issue at work is that too many HR issues bubble into legal issues, so instead of doing the HR things I enjoy and am good at, I am huddling with lawyers to deal with legal issues. Nothing against the lawyers, it's just not what I like to do on a daily basis. -Andrew

  4. I loved hearing about Andrew's practical mid-life crisis. :) And I'm glad to hear he is taking up tennis! You two will be able to rule the tennis court in your retirement home. :)

  5. What a fun post! I totally want to find out how Mormons won the apocalypse.

  6. I'm sure Thomas will be begging me to come and visit you now. His dream car is the Honda Element! ;)