Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spotlight 2015: Andrea

Something in 2014 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome: Ziplining for the first time

*you'll remember: Visiting White Sands

*you want to forget: All of our trees that fell down in the big ice storm last winter.

*scared you: Ebola. Is that silly? I don't watch the news because it's too depressing, but I heard enough things about the Ebola epidemic to scare me. Thankful that it didn't spread across the US like I was afraid it would.

*you're good at:  Being happy.

*you're proud of:  Going 8-1 in my tennis matches with Diane this past fall. Woo hoo!

*made you happy: Andrew's back pain relief. Spending at week at the beach. My parents coming out to watch our kids. Surprising Andrew with a cruise.

*you learned:  That some argue there is no scriptural basis for self-esteem. I learned that in my LDS Perspectives on Psychology class. Interesting. 

*made you laugh:  Brian Regan. Oh, and Andrew and Brandon both make me laugh just about every day. 

*was silly:  Our family dance at church. I love being silly!

*was exciting:  Carowinds with the kids during spring break.

*you earned, won, or accomplished:  Yahtzee bowling on the cruise

Any other notable changes/events for 2014: Got called to be the Relief Society president at church. Got released from RS president. (When Andrew got called into the Stake Presidency.) Got called to teach Gospel Doctrine Sunday school class.

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
*Finish three BYU classes. (I know, I say that every year. But I MEAN it this year.)
Yes! I actually did it this year! I finished Psychology of Gender, Personality, and LDS Perspectives on Psych. Yippee!

*Take the annual summer road trip
Yes! Hugely successful and so much fun.

*Beach trip with Andrew's parents and Angie's family this summer
Yes! We had never spent a week at the beach and we absolutely loved it.

Hobbies: Tennis, reading, playing Words with Friends and Trivia Crack against my brothers, board games with my family.

Something you like about your job:  Flexibility to volunteer at the school, run kids to appointments, go on lunch dates, and take care of errands during the day.

Something you don't like about your job: Dishes. And socks.

A job you might want when you're older:  Cruise ship performer.


Restaurant: Qdoba's Mexican Gumbo or vegetable tamales at Mi Pueblo

Sport:  Football to watch, tennis to play

Recent reads:  I've mostly been reading textbooks and academic articles. I did read The Brothers by Chris Stewart, Letters in the Jade Dragon Box, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and The Last Lecture.

Candy or other treat: Right now I'm on a popcorn with M&M's kick.

Color:  Black, gray, red, purple.

Animal: Baby monkeys

Snack:  Does the popcorn and M&M's answer work here, too? 

TV show: Downton Abbey, Survivor, SYTYCD, Amazing Race

Place:  The beach

Season: Spring

Meal:  Grandma Cuca's chicken and rice and tortillas

Song:  Say Something, All of Me

Game:  7 Wonders

RANDOM FACT:  I love cleaning the lint screen in my dryer.


  1. You are uncommonly wonderful, and the random fact was the best part of all!
    Mom S

  2. You make me smile :-)

  3. We like all the same TV shows. And I hate socks too! So so much. Great update!

  4. Cleaning the lint filter can be the highlight of some days.

  5. Hey you don't know me but I graduated from BYU a few years ago. I heard about the "LDS Perspectives on Psychology" recently (and via google searches I found that I think you took the class?) and I really want to hear the lectures ... but like I said, I'm no longer at BYU. Did you by chance make audio recordings of the lectures when you took it?? Or do you remember anybody else that was in your class that I could contact with the same question? You can contact me at thejcmartin@gmail.com