Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year! and the rest of Winter Break

I love being home with my family. But, can there be too much of a good thing? That's what I was worried about this break. With Andrew still recuperating, and car rides being so uncomfortable for him, we spent LOTS of time at home.

And it was wonderful!

We got some long-overdue chores done around the house. We spent lots of time watching movies, playing video games, and playing board games. Andrew and I are reading a young adult book series together (Divergent). We take turns reading out loud, which we haven't done in years. It's so fun to share that experience. And by the end of break, he was doing well enough that we would leave him home while the kids and I got out of the house for some fun.

New Year's Eve
 with Jeremy and Erika
and their yummy buffalo dip
and some fun sodas

 And their cute girls.

 Lots of Singstar

 (The boys kicked our butts. Boo.)

 Ringing in 2014 with pots and pans!
(a little early)

 Pulling poppers

 These two make me smile


Whitney spent the New Year with her cousins in western NC. That has been our tradition for the last few years. Since the whole family couldn't make it, we decided to send Whit as our representative. :)

 She had SUCH  great time.
They're already planning their next get-together.

We met halfway on New Year's Day to get her back.
We played at the super fun park again.

I was glad the weather cooperated.
It was a decent winter day!

We stopped at Tanglewood on the way home.
 Love these lights!

And no break from school would be complete for our family
without a visit to Chuck E Cheese's!
Brrrr....where are their jackets???


  1. And a big Happy New Year to you all....even that tall guy with the Fu Manchu beard.

  2. What a great way to greet the new year. I want to go to the fun park and slide down the orange slide with you! XO Mom