Sunday, December 29, 2013

It looked a lot like Christmas

Andrew's recovery is going well. He is feeling more like himself every day. He bundles up and takes a couple of short walks around the neighborhood each day. We tried to do as much Christmas preparation as we could before surgery. We managed to fit in most of our traditions, though Andrew had to sit out some of them. His heart was with us.

Annual Christmas GNO at Shani's
Had SOOO much fun laughing with these ladies.

Trimming the tree

Admiring our handiwork.

My favorite Christmas lights in town.
Andrew wasn't up for walking around the neighborhood,
but at least we got to drive through.

Christmas program at church
Those are my two angels, closest to the piano.

Another church's live drive-thru nativity.

with a camel you can visit on your way out!

The girls' Christmas craft class project:
cookie and cake decorating.

My five year old did this.
Mind blown.

Sparkly new Christmas dresses.
(And their cute big bro.)

Baking Christmas goodies for friends.

And Santa. And ourselves.

In the midst of preparing our yummy Christmas Eve dinner.

Crab legs!

Ready to feast

When your already-tall husband has to sit on cushions
and keep his back straight,
you all of a sudden look PETITE next to him.
Am I right?

Reading and acting out the nativity.
In the absence of a donkey,
the kids used a blue office chair.

Brandon is sore afraid.

The angel, 
taking her job quite seriously.

Sibling gift exchange on Christmas Eve.
This was one of my favorite Christmas moments.
The kids were SO generous with each other.
And they LOVED their gifts.
There was lots of hugging,

a tackle or two,

and big smiles.

Family Christmas Eve photo.
(I'm tiny!)

The big day

Ready to unwrap

Santa loves dental hygiene!

This was the year of the high-pitched squeal.
All three children would start screaming when a new gift was open,
It was fun.

For a while.

Tired Christmas-morning parents

I love playing Christmas songs on the piano when all of the 
chaos of the morning is over.

Care Bear trying out her new roller skates.

The bike Brandon has been waiting for!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! And I love that the siblings give each other presents. Too cute.

  2. I can feel the love!! And I want Care Bear to come decorate my cupcakes - that is amazing! And what's that gruff on Andrew's face? I don't know about THAT!! You all look marvelous, and Andrew is standing so straight and looks so good. It was so fun to talk with him on Christmas Eve and listen to him gush about the seafood feast you were preparing. Love you all so much! Mom S

  3. I think my favorite picture is the tired Christmas morning parents. It so captures the feeling! It looks like you had a wonderful time. And you're the petitest 5'9" lady I know. :-)

  4. You do look petite! I want a video of the kid's screaming. Your kids have always been super enthusiastic present openers. How fun!

  5. Love all the Christmas photos! Hope Andrew is feeling better. My boss at work had the same surgery on the very same day (Dec. 12). She had been miserable with stabbing nerve pain and is now much better.