Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had another great Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday to reflect on all the Lord has given us.

And stuff our faces with yummy food while hanging out with friends.

Chris and Tiffany hosted us again. (Ben and April dogged us for their FAMILY this year...traitors.) :)

 The girls got along so well and happily entertained themselves.

The boys also got along well, 
mainly due to a new computer game B had never played.
His new addiction.

 The deliciously beautiful brined turkey.
It was soooo good.

The kids' table raising their glasses. :)

 Last minute prep

 The grown-ups table

 The annual pie buffet.
My favorite part.

Since Andrew's on the PUP list and Greg moved to Seattle, there was no turkey bowl this year. Sad. We did play a little football in the backyard, though. I love football! But I don't look nearly as cool as I picture myself in my mind's eye.

 If that isn't the picture of intimidation,
I don't know what is.

Andrew was all-time QB.
We played kids against adults.
The adults lost.
Those kids are squirrely.
I had hard time tackling two-hand touching them!

 Tiffany played in her skirt and we both played in boots.
We decided next year, we are busting out the tennis shoes.

 The skirt didn't stop her from scoring a touchdown. Woo hoo!

 Quick, squirrely Tyler


 Quick little shovel pass

Boston going for the end zone.

Very fun day. Loved the long weekend. It was hard to go back to school and work on Monday. But we did it. Or at least the rest of the family did. I started setting the alarm again so I could help get them out the door. :)


  1. So fun! And Tiffany playing in a skirt is awesome. You go girl!

  2. What great shots of everyone and everything! I loved the purple-coated football player, and also Andrew whispering his play to Brandon behind the football! Everything looked so yummy and I'm so impressed with Andrew's turkey-baking skills! Love you and miss you all at this time of year. Grateful for each one of you.
    XO Mom S.....let's see if this posts as me and not Dennis..............