Sunday, December 15, 2013

Disney on Ice

The girls and I enjoyed the magic of Disney on Ice again this year.
What a fun show!

The theme this year was "Let's Celebrate!" There were normal celebrations like birthdays and Christmas, international celebrations, and "celebrations" that were a bit of a stretch--like summer vacation. Would you consider summer vacation a celebration? Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of fun, but calling the vacation a celebration? I don't think so.


*princesses galore!

This was our first time seeing Mulan on Ice

and Ariel, too.

*Lots of Mickey and Minnie.
In a variety of cute outfits.



*The ring of fire on the ice.
This was my favorite part!
So cool!

*The Chinese dragon

 *The Toy Story characters.
We had never seen them before, either.
 Rex was my favorite.

 I wish the Toy Story part would have been longer, though.
It went by too fast.

*The "snow storm" at the end
 It felt like Christmas.

 *The Halloween celebration.
I feel like the artistic directors don't know their audience very well.
How many little kids come to see the dark, scary villains at Disney on Ice?
None of them!

 *The Chinese fan dancers.
They made me a little uncomfortable....


 The birds from the Brazilian Carnival

The LONG Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian number.
I felt bad for those girls in their skimpy outfits. Brrrr.
They should have made this shorter and Toy Story longer.
In my opinion.

 It's a good thing I already asked Andrew's surgeon about the possibility of Disney World for spring break. The answer was no. Disney on Ice always makes me want to enjoy more of the Disney magic. But, for now, I'll just enjoy this little taste that we got in a fun girls' night out. 

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  1. What beautiful costuming and colors. I love the photo of you three gerlers - you all look extra joyful and adorable! XOXO MOm S