Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spotlight 2014: Andrea

Notable changes/events in 2013:
*Attended my first THREE Broadway-ish plays (Mary Poppins, Wicked, Matilda)
*Dental Convention at Myrtle Beach
*First visit to NYC!

*Education weekend at SVU
*Annual cross-country road trip in the summer
*Visit with Destiny and her family here in NC
*Cruise to the Bahamas with Marianne
*Caretaker for Andrew after his spinal surgery in Dec

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
*Spring break trip to NYC to visit Mandi and Christian and their kiddios.  Yep. So fun.
*Finish better than .500 in my tennis matches. Yep. I went 11-3. Woo hoo!

*Annual summer road trip and reunion with my parents and siblings and Grandma Cuca.  Yes again. Loved it.
*Finish Sports Psych and two other classes toward my degree---seriously, we're getting into crunch time here.  Dang. My luck runs out here. I did finish Sports Psych and Leadership Development. I have *started* Gender Studies, but am only on chapter 3 of 12. Yikes.

Hopes for 2014:
*Finish three BYU classes. (I know, I say that every year. But I MEAN it this year.)
*Take the annual summer road trip
*Beach trip with Andrew's parents and Angie's family this summer

Favorite sport: Tennis to play. Football to watch

Is really good at: Smiling

Wish you were better at: Getting my BYU independent study classes done in a timely manner. Sheesh. I have a year and two months left until my deadline. And four classes. Time to get to work!!

Best part about your job: Getting to hear all about my kids' days at school when they come home. And good night hugs.

Favorite pastimes: Date nights with Andrew (oh, how I've missed them the last few weeks!), lunch with girlfriends, board games with my family and friends, tennis, reading, talking to people.
Favorite recent reads: Blackmoore, How Will you Measure Your Life, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, Divergent, The Kiss of a Stranger (it's not skanky, even though the title makes it sound that way. I promise!)

Favorite restaurant: Southern Roots? Bonsai? Poblano's? Printworks Bistro? So hard to decide!

Dessert of choice: Cheesecake

Five things that make you happy: Talking on the phone with my family members who live far, far away; snapping a photo that really captures a personality or a moment in time or a relationship; when Diane (my tennis partner) sets up our opponents and I'm able to slam a winner on the baseline; seeing my kids' work hard at something and succeed; experiencing a deepening love for Andrew with each passing year.