Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--September

I started posting Out of the Mouths of Babes posts six years ago, in October 2006.  Brandon was five and was such a crack up.  The cute little sayings are dwindling.  There are fewer to share every month.  I'm afraid in the next little while, OOMB will come to an end.  Boo.  Here are the three quotes I got this month.

9/9--Before church this morning, Whit was frustrated with Care Bear and said, "Do I have to share everything?  No.  I don't have to share my breath!"

9/12--Caroline was in a daze and I asked her, "What are you thinking about?"  She told me, "Everything that's chocolatey."

 No wonder she's always so happy.

9/15--When Care Bear was younger (and sometimes still), she would down her sippy cups as fast as possible--hardly taking a breath.  We called her a chug-a-lug.  When we were out to eat at a Japanese restaurant tonight, I apparently wasn't coming up for breath while eating my dinner because she told me, "Mom, you're an eat-a-lug."

  Thanks for calling me out, Care Bear.

Random Photos of the Month

If she can't take a formal gymnastics class,
she'll improvise.


One of C's favorite pastimes right now:
Apparently she takes after her Dad.

B's latest self-portrait.

None of the following photos were staged.
I found my kids sleeping like this:
Both girls squished on the bottom bunk.

One night, they both fell asleep holding ponies.

I thought that was so cute.
And kind of crazy that they both held on.

The sleep mask makes me smile.
And the Princess sign pointing to herself
cracked me up.

What is it about sleeping kids?
Just the sight of them warms my heart.
Especially with an open book by his side.


  1. Those sleeping pictures are hilarious! I can't believe they fell asleep with the toys in their hands. Too cute!

  2. Love Whitney's sleep mask! And Brandon in that last photo looks so "in the middle" of still being a little kid and growing into adolescence.Next time the girls get out of hand, you can say "Hold your horses!" and they can say "We did!"
    Mom S

  3. I love the horses picture!

    Maybe as your kids get older you can do OOTMOT (for Teens) and record saying like this: "But I'm to tiiiirrred." "Oh, hey, could you drop whatever you're doing and drive me across town? I forgot to tell you I need to be ______ in 15 minutes." "Mom i left my mth book could u brng it 2 school pllleeeessee?" (that one is texted). "I promise I'll be home by 11:59."

    And of course there's all the awesome things they say: funny, insightful, even (gasp!) sometimes wise, as they grow up into these amazing almost-adult human beings. It's actually kind of fun. Your kids will be great teenagers. One of them will be there before you know it!

  4. Good to know the falling asleep reading a book gene has been passed on, "even unto the third and fourth generation."