Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall fun: Halloween Safari and Camping

Last weekend, the boys headed out on a camping trip with the scouts.  

This was B's first campout since moving up to boy scouts.
They had a BLAST.
They played capture the flag and ultimate frisbee.

Enjoyed lots of quality time around the campfire.

And got up close and personal with the wildlife.

The girls and I also had some close encounters with wildlife.  Luckily, nothing as creepy as that GIANT spider.  We ventured over to the Piedmont Environmental Center for their Halloween Safari.  Such a fun night.  We met...

a box turtle, 

a firefly, 

a cardinal,
and a beaver (that was actually in the lake! which
made it too dark to take his picture.)

And then we hung out around the campfire, too.
 So cozy!

I'm willing to bet we had a lot more dancing
around our fire than the scouts did.

All this fun in the woods on a beautiful night.
And we got to go home to our beds.
After I woke the girls up from their naps in the van.
I wore them out!


  1. That spider is crazy! Love the cardinal costume. Fun times!

  2. Thought it was a real cardinal until I ready Angie's comment. Kind of makes me want to camping.

  3. That spider is ridiculous. I hope they killed it!