Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--May

5/5--Care Bear's deep thought from the back seat today, "Scooter.  Neuter.  They rhyme!"

Not sure where she learned the word "neuter."

5/7--C's latest aspiration, "When I grow up, I'm gonna buy a big yellow dress to wear in my yellow jeep and my yellow convertible every day.  And my yellow convertible is going to have blue flames on it."

 Glad she has clear expectations.

5/10--Andrew was talking to me about the Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game.  C overheard and asked, "Is that a real team?  The Nuggets?"  Andrew assured her that, yes, it was a real NBA team.  She said, "That's funny.  Is there a team called The Fries?"

They're not the Denver Chicken Nuggets, babe.

5/17--When Care Bear woke up this morning, she told me, "I had a terrible dream.  I was sleeping in a tent and cows were attacking me.  So I hid in my sleeping bag.  And then a daddy squirrel and a sister squirrel started attacking the cows."

I didn't know cows and squirrels could be so terrifying.

5/20--Caroline had a substitute teacher for Primary today.  She told us one of the questions Caroline asked her: "Who's my nemesis?"

5/23--Brandon brought this poem home from school today.

Ode to Angry Birds
by Brandon

Angry Birds, O Angry Birds,
You are constanly played
By addicted nerds.
Your amazing birds are always tryin'
To become as brave as a lion.
As they dash into battle with feathers so fine,
To fight the delirious, super mad swine.
You crash and you bash.
You make me forget
A really hard day,
And revive my fatigued brain
From dreadful decay.

I'm hyped to my highest point
On your heavenly game,
The colorful birds,
waiting for fame.
I love their call,
It shows no fear.
It is so inspiring and awesome to hear.
Whether it's a shout, scream, shriek, or cry
It shows that they are not afraid to die.

I feel so joyous
whenever I play.
You raise the sun,
You set the stars,
you rock the universe
From Earth to Mars.

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  1. We are really impressed with the rhyme and meter of Brandon's poem. Makes us want to start playing Angry Birds.
    Some great photos.
    Thanks for sharing. We enjoy each month's OOMB.

  2. Man, Brandon's a poet and I didn't even know it. (No more rhymes and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?) - Drew

  3. excellent poem by brandon. (and excellent princess bride quote by drew!)

    and caroline's dream! goodness, i hope she doesn't develop a fear of cows. or squirrels... lol