Sunday, June 10, 2012

Care Bear is 4!

Caroline was such a great three-year-old.  Just a little on the sassy side, but still mostly sweet and cuddly and silly and fun.  I'll miss her little 3-yr-old self because she has now hit the big FOUR year mark.  What she looks forward to most about the next year:  eating Chik-fil-a at preschool.  Apparently she saw the 4-yr-old class eating it one day and she is just SURE that she will get that chance next year.  I hope she isn't disappointed.

For her birthday, she chose to have a party at Chuck-E-Cheese's.  Hooray for easy!  She had a blast with her friends, playing games and eating pizza.


This, my friends, is what happens when I am
ONE shot away from winning the bonus on Spiderbot.
Don't mess with me.
Especially if I have a gun.
(Andrew took this one. Obviously unbeknownst to me.
It's his favorite pic of the day.)

She was SUPER excited to try the ticket blaster.
She was convinced she would catch the 1,000 point golden ticket.
She didn't.
I think she caught 3 tickets total.
And one was in her goggles.  :)
Luckily, the worker showed mercy and grabbed 
a big handful for her off the ground when she came out.


Make a wish!

And she got showered with gifts, too!
Such a fun, fun day for our special little girl.

Her party at Chuck E's was during school, so the big kids missed it.  But (lucky her!) we had a second party when they were around.

And it wasn't until I started blogging about it that I
realized I only put THREE candles on her cake.  Oops.

Like all of our kids, she has the SO-
reactions to opening her gifts.
We are so enamored with this little cutie pie and
can't wait to see what the next year holds for her!


  1. Happy Birthday Caroline! I can't wait to see you soooooon. Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Happy Birthday Care Bear! I still can't believe she is 4. Love that funny pic of you Andrea!

  3. Sure, "Caroline" picked Chuck E. Cheese....

  4. Who is more photogenic than Caroline? Thanks for some great birthday shots, but the real keeper is "Annie Oakley".