Monday, June 18, 2012

End of the school year 2012

School is over!  We officially have a last-year-of-preschooler, a 3rd grader, and ....drum roll please... a middle schooler in the house.  (I'm telling myself this is exciting!)  The kids had lots of fun end-of-the-year festivities.  I felt most obligated to help out with Brandon's activities, especially since I've heard that volunteer opportunities in middle school are minimal.  Unfortunately, one of his activities interfered with Whit's party, so I missed that.

 Caroline's end-of-year party was supposed to be at a pool.
But it got rained out.
So instead, we got to visit with a horse.

And went to an art studio.

 Each of the kids got to paint a masterpiece.

The next week, they had an end-of-year
 preschool program.
 :"Hi, Mom!"

Cute stuff.

The end of the year also meant that Care Bear
had her gymnastics exhibition.
Unfortunately, Andrew and I were busy cruising.
And missed it.  Boo.
Gigi and the big kids assure us that it was really cute.

 On the uneven bars.
I think.

This is all I got of Whit:
 walking off the bus on her last day.
She had a great year in 2nd grade.
LOVED her teachers and made some great friends.

They go all out for the fifth graders.
Brandon's class had a pizza party and class auction one day.
The bidding was intense.

 Caroline liked hanging out with the big kids.

Brandon received an award for getting
straight A's all year.  Woo hoo!

Another day they had a hot dog lunch.
We had planned lots of fun outdoor games for the kids.
But the weather (once again) didn't cooperate.

Mostly everything could be done inside.
We just had to improvise a bit.
And, boy, was it LOUD in there.

Cookie face challenge!
 You have to move a cookie from your forehead
into your mouth
without using your hands.

Brandon was SO close!

And then it was time for...Graduation!

Good-bye, elementary school!

 It was a great year.
He had two of his best friends in his class.

And a teacher that he liked.
And SHE liked him in return.
Which doesn't always happen.

He'll miss Coach Taylor--one of his
very favorite teachers.

 Care Bear was excited to congratulate him.

Phew.  After our week of rest and relaxation on the cruise, we were thrown into a super busy week right when we got home.  But at least it was fun busy.  And we can relax during summer break, right?  Ha! Not in this family.  :)


  1. That cookie face challenge was hilarious! Got to try that one night!

  2. HE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE!! I keep watching the video thinking he might make it this time!
    Mom S