Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just one of my hare-brained schemes

Our original plans for the weekend fell through.  So, I started thinking.  A dangerous pastime, I know.  I had this strange compulsion to take pictures of waterfalls.  Andrew is *almost* always up for my crazy ideas.  So he went along with it.

And this time, my scheme not only involved us, but I decided last minute (as in 48 hours notice) to see if we could stay with our cousins, Destinee and Ryan, in Asheville.  And they said yes, too!  Hooray for spontaneity!

We made the quick trip up the road on Friday night.  The kids were so happy to see each other and get along so well.  We let them stay up way too late.  But how often do they get to play with cousins?  Then the adults stayed up even later playing Ticket to Ride.  Destinee kicked our booties.

The next day the kids whined to leave their cousins behind as we took off for the waterfalls.

 The visit was too short!

We went to DuPont State Forest.  It is a perfect spot for kids our age.  You take a three mile hike and get to see THREE waterfalls along the way.  SWEET!

Hooker Falls, as seen from the top...

and from the bottom.

Triple Falls,
where part of the Hunger Games movie was filmed!

We took our obligatory pics of kids jumping off things,

and doing cute supermodel poses.

They've got their smiles down.

And the final waterfall is High Falls.
Absolutely gorgeous.

 Such a fun family getaway.
The kids were great on the hike.
 So happy my family will go along with my hare-brained schemes.


  1. oh, the falls are beautiful! : )

  2. I love your ideas and your spontaneity. How fun!

  3. Wanting to take pictures of waterfalls? Riiiiight. I know what you were thinking. Time for you and Andrew to run out into the woods and pretend to be Katniss and Peeta where they filmed the hunger games. :).

  4. Awesome, we love falls too! & summer spontaneity!

  5. What a perfect spontaneous getaway!
    I didn't know that part of The Hunger Games was filmed there...sweet!

  6. I love your hair-brained schemes!

  7. This is just about the best destination and pay-off for a hike ever - GORGEOUS!
    Grandma S