Sunday, May 20, 2012


I realize that Mother's Day can be a sensitive and touchy holiday for some.  But for me, I just revel in getting spoiled for the day.  While I am far from the perfect mom, I am trying dang hard.  And I love and cherish my role as a mother.  And the three great kids that get to be the recipients of my attempts.  Here's how they took care of me this year:

*For our date the night before, Andrew took me swing dancing.  LOVED that.  We had an hour-long lesson followed by a dance where we got to practice our East Coast Jitterbug.
It was fun!
And I'm afraid we already forgot all our moves.

*Whitney (with a little help from Caroline) made me a giant chalk drawing Mother's Day card. 

She describes me as

(love that she included my beauty mark!)

(because I play video games)

 and brave.
(she says I helped rescue her in the ocean...)

And Care Bear added this portrait of me.
in pigtails.
with eyelashes.

During Activity Days at church, Whit made me this corsage.
I learned about a Southern tradition.
On Mother's Day, you are supposed to give your mom 
a red flower if her mother is still living.
And a white one if her mother has passed away.
We've lived here for nine years and I'm finally
properly accessorized for the holiday.

During primary, the kids colored these flowers:
Here's what they had to say about me:
My mom makes the best...
B: Italian salad
W: Bacon
C: Cheese

My favorite thing to do with my mom is...
B:  summer school and road trip
W:  walk
C:  play games

My mom is good at...
B:  cooking
W:  art
C:  painting

My mom is as beautiful as...
B:  An Uncle Tone Painting (when I first read this, I thought it said I was as beautiful as Uncle Tone.  That was confusing.)
W: a flower
C: a bird

My Mom teaches me...
B:  How to be nice
W:  Math

My Mom loves me because...
B:  she is my friend
W:  she loves me

I love my Mom because...
B:  she is awesome
W:  she's my Mom.

The girls also brought home gifts they made at school.
Whit made me breakfast in bed!
(which Andrew had already planned, so I got two days in a row!)

Care Bear gave me a candle holder.

Andrew made a yummy lasagna dinner
And I got cheesecake for dessert.
And a fabulous book for my gift.

 It was a wonderful day.

Thanks, you guys!


  1. Love that last pic. And you do make yummy bacon, baby.

  2. Where's the video? I want to see Andrew swing dance.

    Those last 2 pictures are really good. You and Whit match perfect.

    I'll need to try your cheese sometime. (-:

  3. I revel in your reveling! What a fun post. Happy Mother's Day all over again!!
    Grandma S

  4. What a great celebration for a great mom.
    No chain saws or weed whackers. Way to go.
    Beautiful pictures.

  5. You are an awesome Mama! I love that Andrew took you dancing. Reminds me of one of our first double dates together when the guys took us country dancing. Great memories!