Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--April

4/6--Out of the blue, Caroline informed us that, "If I had a pony with yellow hair and polka dots, I'd name it Bright Sun."

4/7--Deep thoughts by Whitney:  "I wonder what it feels like to be a pile of dirt."

Future (current?) philosopher

4/8--Sitting around the dinner table tonight, Andrew was telling the kids that if I was a Disney Princess, I would be Belle. "Your mom is beautiful, has brown hair, loves to read..."  Brandon piped in, "...she married a beast!"  Hilarious!

 Love his quick wit.

4/9--Whit wrote this song, "Yellow, yellow bananas.  Oh, how I hate you.  You make my mouth feel like it's on fire."

4/12--When we were lying on the beach today, I asked Caroline to tell me a story.  Here's what she came up with, "Once upon a time there was two potatoes.  They went to a restaurant.  The cooker saw them and chopped them in half.  The end."

 There's a morbid side behind that sweet face.
Her stories ALWAYS end in death.

4/13--Whitney told everyone at the beach house, "I have three talents:  I'm an artist.  I'm double-jointed. And I have REALLY big tonsils."

4/16--Gigi and Grandpa were getting ready to take the kids to a movie this afternoon.  Caroline said, "I want a drink at the movies."  Gigi told her, "Maybe if you can use some magic words."  C said, "I want a drink abradooki!"

 I don't think those were the magic words she was looking for.

4/18--When we shop at Michael's craft store, Care Bear loves to spend time playing with the plastic animals.  Today she was looking at a toy alligator with babies on its back.  I made a comment about it being a mommy alligator.  She said, "He's not a mommy.  He's a boy because he doesn't have eyelashes."

4/26--We spent time with a friend yesterday who is allergic to cats.  We don't have allergies in our home and I'm not even sure if Caroline had heard that word before, much less understood its meaning.  But this morning during breakfast she announced, "Mom, I'm electric to dolphins."

If any grandparents were thinking of sending her
a pet dolphin for her birthday, please remember,
she's electric to them.

4/26--C's latest career aspiration, "Mom, guess what?  When I grow up, I'm going to be an Ice Cream Man.  And when I'm all out of popsicles and ice cream, I'll have a backyard.  With a lake. And ducks. And a playground." 

I didn't know this shirt was going to be the
start of a career path for her.

4/28--Care Bear was watching the NBA playoffs with Andrew and Brandon this afternoon.  They showed a close up of Dwyane Wade and she said, "I never knew that boys had eyelashes!"

 If you look *really* close, you can see them.

4/30--Caroline drew all over the face of her Rapunzel doll.  (Boo.)  She held her up and had Rapuzel say, "Arrrrrr!  I'm the dolly roger!"

 Apparently all the pirate dolls are getting tattoos,
all over their faces.

4/30--In the bath tonight, Care Bear told her daddy, "I like my armpits.  They are pits...but not lava pits."

 A girl and her armpits.
(Note the lack of lava.)


I feel like this could be some sort of object lesson
with the "DO NOT ENTER" and "WRONG WAY" signs
right in front of them.

Whitney has such sweet friends.
Makes my heart happy to find notes like these
in her backpack.

LOVE this pic.

Andrew found a snack  snake in the common area
behind our backyard.  Yikes!
(Thanks for the heads up on my typo, Grandpa!)

Upside down girl!

How Caroline shops for carpet.

One night, when I went to check on the girls before bed,
I found their princess castle like this...

and Caroline asleep in the bottom.
Silly girl.

Duck toupees:  the latest in duck fashion


  1. I love it! Especially the arm pits and the duck hair.

  2. Some great quotes...and pictures. "Electric" is a good word for Caroline, as is "photogenic". Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beauty & the Beast reference is hilarious! :)

  4. Loved that Brandon called Andrew a beast. And I totally have a pic I drew in Kindergarten of me driving an ice cream truck, because that is what I wanted to be when I grew up!

  5. Awesome OOMB! I love Caroline's preoccupation with eyelashes. And Grandpa beat me to it with his comment, but I'll say it anyway: I know Andrew enjoys his Taco Bell and squeeze cheese and other culinary delights, but I never saw him venturing into reptile territory. Maybe only when you're out of town? :-)

  6. This is one of my favorite OOMB's ever. Great job. I loved the "Abradooki". Plus, Brandon's comment about me being a Beast was one of the funniest dinner table moments we've had in a long, long time. And, no, I did not eat the snack/snake.

  7. If I had better eyelashes I'd be wiping away tears from laughing at the Beast comment. That is one for the ages. Thank you for once again surprising and delighting with OOTMOB! And abradooki is a classic. Loved all the photos too. Care Bear looks like a movie star in that pose above the electric dolphin.
    Mom S

  8. Very amusing, as always. And GREAT photos!