Friday, July 1, 2011

Utah fun: part one

SO much fun to hang out with our fam in Utah!

*Kickball and Softball at the park

*A visit to This is the Place Heritage Park,
where we had a blast.
They had a train ride,

pony rides,

ice cream,

spectacular views,

a mini-train ride,

and panning for gold.
We could have spent all day there.

*Hung out with our cousins.
Cute girls on a swing.

Cute girls on a soccer field

Cute cousins on a slide

 *Toured Welfare Square

and enjoyed the samples of chocolate milk and cheese at the end.

*Spent a day at Antelope Island
It was perfect weather for it and we enjoyed getting our 
toes wet in the Great Salt Lake.

Our closest thing to a beach trip so far this year.
It was a lot stinkier.

Brandon was the only one brave enough 
to get more than his feet wet.

You could walk about 100 yards out and the water 
was still only knee deep before this sand bar.

Loved this reflection of the snow capped mountains in the lake.

*Breakfast with my dental hygiene friends
We graduated ten years ago!
So fun to visit with a few of our classmates.

Brandon and Reagan ready to race.

Laser tag.

Video games.

Winning bonuses.

Hanging with stormtroopers.

*Visit with Great Grandparents
Enjoyed smoothies, Topper, and chatting.

*Temple Square
Toured the Conference Center.

Got to see the roof where we helped plant this 
prairie grass years ago as BYU students.

Took time to smell the flowers.

And they smelled GREAT.

Also savored the beauty of the temple.
So grateful Andrew could be out here with us enjoying this break from work and just spending time together as a family and with our extended family. 


  1. Looks like so much fun. You kids must love getting to see their cousins so much. Everyday Finley asks about Carecare Sweat...sigh.

  2. Love it! time w/ cousins is amazing! i get to hang out w/ some of mine on monday. :)

  3. And it was sooooo fun!! We loved having you and your middle-sized (I can't say "little" any more!!) family here. I keep finding little things that remind me of you and I miss you all! Just loved being together and watching the cousins play and and parents enjoy each other. Wunnerful. But I'll never go to antelope island again; however, really glad we went and had the once-in-a-lifetime experience with you guys!!
    Grandma S
    Grandma Sweat

  4. Hey, we made the cut! It was wonderful seeing all of you. How's "Chopsticks" coming?