Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--June

This is officially the lamest OOMB since I started blogging.  Five years ago.

I am blaming the road trip.  When I'm out of my normal routine, I forget to write things down.  And if I don't write 'em down immediately...they're gone forever.  To make up for the lack of quotes, I'm including lots of random pics from the month of June.
Because I have, oh, ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR to choose from.
That's over forty pics a day.
I'm out of control.

Frosting face

BMX boy

B's self-portrait

6/11--Caroline's random comment from the backseat today, "If I eat my teeth, I'll turn into a tomato."

Where does she come up with this stuff?

She went to sleep with her feet in the sleeping bag,
but ended up under the bag with feet sticking out the top.
Wiggle worm.

6/11--One of the songs on the new road trip CD is "Locomotion."  Our version is sung by Dora's backpack.  There is a line where it says, "My little baby sister can do it with me..."  Brandon asked, "So, is backpack's little sister a handbag?"

I love his humor.

Sweet Viv sharing with Care Bear.

Such grace!

Scooter tricks

6/11--We stopped at a truck stop and Caroline saw a man wearing a Western hat.  Her face lit up and she excitedly said, "Mom!  I just saw a cowboy!"

Like her mother,
easily excitable.

Pondering the meaning of life?

How my kids entertained themselves at Grandma Rose's viewing:

They put the "fun" in funeral.

Caroline in her dancing shawl.

Woo hoo!

"Mom!  I just saw a cowgirl!"

6/29--Other song lyrics my children re-wrote:

We have a song from the Harry Potter soundtrack that says "Double, double toil and trouble..."  Whitney was convinced it said, "toilet trouble" and she thought those were completely appropriate words for Moaning Myrtle and her dilemmas in the girls' bathroom.

Another song is from Phineas and Ferb and has a line that says, "My heart starts pumping."  Caroline walked around singing, "My heart starts pooping" for several days until I convinced her those were NOT the right words.

Cutie patootie

This is what happens when we turn 
the camera over to the kids:
W's upside down self-portrait

Interesting viewpoint

C's little foot


  1. Great post! Totally not lame :)
    Love it when kids mess up song lyrics, so funny!

  2. I can't believe you have taken that many photos! Crazy. And I love the toliet trouble comment. And pooping out of a heart. Too funny!

  3. OOTMOB's - YOU DID IT! Way to go girl. Like a woman with dementia I am constantly surprised and gladdened anew each month. and this month is superb. I am trying to find my copy of the Road Trip 2011 CD and am very frustrated right now because I don't know where I put it. Do you remember? I am going to listen to Road Trip 2010 while I sew..........however, then I risk getting "Gummy Bear" stuck in my head! Oh well, there are worse things.
    xo - God speed on your return trip.
    Grandma S

  4. Looks like it's about time for everyone to join in on singing that great hymn about "Gladly, the cross-eyed bear."