Saturday, July 23, 2011

Road Trip: By the numbers

36 Days

6721 Miles

16 States

124 Hours and 36 minutes of driving time

10, 7, and 3 --ages of the participating children

15 Fast food meals

8 Crossings of the Mississippi River

3 Encounters with flashing lights in my rearview

0 Tickets

15 Skunks we smelled along the way

8 Families that let us stay with them.  
 (Thank you!! )

2 Check engine lights

7 Science centers that we visited free of charge. 
(Yay for our membership!)

$3.85 The highest price we paid for a gallon of gas.  
It was in Minnesota.

70 Loved ones we visited

They are the reason we go.


  1. g. cuca is smiling in the picture with c and the little dog. who knew all it takes is a little dog in the back of a van to get her to smile in a picture? :)

    you are crazy.

  2. Love this post! I remember liking you when I first met you because (1) we had similar tastes in books and (2) we were both traveling fools! I love this post. Alas, I could never do a version of your trip unless I could budget hotel stays all along the way. While I could map out friends & fam across the country, pet allergies would keep us from staying with most of them.

  3. AWESOME! and hey, did one of those Mississippi crossings happen in the Quad Cities?? If so, I do that crossing every day for work! : )

  4. Amazing! I have already down graded my possible road trip from a week to 5 days and from 4 stops to 2. This is just too overwhelming! I don't know how you do it!

  5. you. are. the. woman!

  6. I've loved reading about your trip, you always do such a great job journaling.
    Love the "by the numbers" idea :)

  7. I've loved reading about your travels over the last few weeks. You are a marvel, Andrea. Your kids already have memories to last a lifetime (but I suspect more road trips are in their future). And I'm truly impressed that you had only 15 fast food meals in all those days!

  8. These numbers are staggering! Truly!! Someone should do a human interest story on you - you are an interesting, hip human and it would be a great story. Thanks for all of your time and talent in the area of helping families stay connected. You rock!
    Your MIL

  9. Just looking at this post makes me tired. Andi, you have so much energy! I am amazed. Looks like it was another fun filled and memorable road trip for the Sweat family.