Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--July

7/8--We crossed the border into South Dakota today and were driving through the Black Hills.  Caroline took a good look around and said, "Maybe this is where I growed up.  I think this is where I went to high school."

 Silly me.  I thought she was going into preschool.

7/8--At our hotel, they had a full length mirror.  Caroline had fun checking herself out, especially the big goose egg she got at the fun run last week.  She said, "Mom, I was looking at my blood mustard."  I think she meant her bruise.

 When she was done checking out her blood mustard,
she asked me to take pictures of her running as fast as she could.

7/9--In one episode of Phineas and Ferb, the boys carve Candace's head into Mt. Rushmore.  Without anyone else mentioning it, when we got to the Mt Rushmore, Caroline asked, "Where's Candace?" 

  What?  No Candace?

7/9--As we were leaving Mount Rushmore, Care Bear waved and said, "Bye-bye, George Washington."

  See ya later, Abraham Lincoln!

7/10--During church today, Care Bear announced her latest aspiration, "When I grow up, I want to work at a hotel."  When I asked her what she was going to do there, she said, "You would talk to me.  And ask me questions.  And I could tell you where the restroom is.  And your bed.  And the stairs."

7/10--Caroline is getting her metamorphosing animals mixed up.  Uncle Forrest caught some teeny tiny frogs today and she was playing with them.  She told me, "I think they used to be butterflies."

 Looks like Whitney used to be a...pterodactyl?

7/17--After being away from our home ward for SIX weeks, we were all looking forward to getting back to our own church.  On the drive there this morning, I asked Caroline, "Are you excited to see your nursery friends?"  She said, "Yea!  And to smell them!"

 Apparently nursery kids in other states have a different odor.

7/29--We went to a Grasshoppers game tonight.  Caroline was being silly and Andrew told her, "You're a cute kid."  She told him, "I'm not a kid.  I'm a husband!"

Me and my husband kid.

7/31--Care Bear told me, "Maybe when I grow up, I can go to BYU."  I told her, "That would be so fun!  I loved going to BYU."  She said, "Maybe you can come with me."  

A few more photos: 

Still no Candace.

Yee haw!  Dinosaur Rodeo!

I see you!

When I saw these giraffes kiss at the zoo,
I wondered if this is how Andrew and I look when we kiss.

"...and world peace."

B got *this* close to wakeboarding.

B's self-portrait

Gotta love a good ball pit

From the 4th of July parade.
Children. Children. Future. Future.

If you look carefully, you'll see that the shadow of our van
looks like Shrek's head if you're at just the right angle 
in the late evening.


  1. Caroline is such a cutie these days. What a sweet and funny girl. Love that pic of her in front of the Temple.

  2. The Mount Rushmore Fineas and Ferb thing cracked me up. I am going to have to watch that cartoon since so many in our family (young and old, like 30 YEARS old) love that cartoon. Thanks for the great OOTMOB!
    Mom S

  3. another great post!
    I'm not sure I want to smell nursery kids anywhere, ha ha!
    We love Phineus and Ferb too :)

  4. Thanks for more adorable pictures.
    How do you know Shrek wasn't following you the whole trip, like a guardian angel?