Friday, April 1, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--March

3/1--There was a super loud thunderstorm this evening.  Brandon was convinced that the lightning left a strange smell behind.  He would ask, "Can you smell that?  It smells like positive and negative charges."

When he asked Caroline, she said, "It smells like Megamind."

3/2--Caroline's latest aspiration, "When I grow up, I want to be a mermaid."

But she acts more like a monkey.
She does this every time we get in or out of the van.

3/11--While eating, Caroline said, "This banana is so so so so so normal." 

Unlike this picture.
Which isn't very normal.

3/11--Yikes.  Care Bear has reached that stage where she sometimes says things that make me CRINGE.  When we had an overweight checker today, she said, "Maybe that boy has a baby in his tummy."  D'oh!  I hope he didn't hear.

3/13--On the way to church today, Whitney shared one of her greatest concerns of the moment, "Mom, my sweet tooth is loose and when it falls out, I'll only want to eat onions and sour stuff."

 Phew.  So far, the sweet tooth is hanging in there.

3/18--The sage wisdom of a two-and-a-half year old, "Turtles don't fly."  And later, "We don't eat balloons."

 But it's perfectly OK to talk on two cell phones.
At the same time.

3/18--Caroline was talking in her sleep while we were camping and yelled, "I don't need any medicine!"  Wow, wonder what that dream was about.

 She has apparently learned to "Just Say No" to any and all drugs.

3/19--Caroline was making requests for her birthday cake tonight..even though she's got a couple of months to go before her birthday.  "I want a cake with lots of flavors:  sugar and potatoes and Sprite."

 Sounds mouth-watering.

3/21--Care Bear put on these 3D glasses and said, 
 "Mom, do I look super awesome or super cute?"  
Apparently there are no other fitting descriptions.

3/24--We were listening to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and there's a line that talks about dreams coming true.  Whit said, "Well, I don't want to go there.  Once I had a dream that sharks were chasing me and I don't want THAT to come true!"

 PLEASE don't let our dreams come true!

Random pictures of the month:
 Wa ta!

B's new favorite hobby:
dunking in the backyard.

He even suffered his first rim rash.
That's my boy. *wiping tear*

One of the prizes from the treasure box in Brandon's class
is a pass to eat lunch with a family member.  He used his tickets to buy it,
ate with Whit, and Caroline and I joined them.  
What a fun break in our day.
Loved it.


  1. Caroline is super awesome. She cracks me up. But she is in for a rude awakening when the handle in your van breaks and she lands on her head. Be careful Care Bear!

  2. HAHA! the pictures you chose this month are SUPER cute AND super awesome! : ) also, whit is completely right - there are definitely some dreams we DON'T want coming true!

  3. Really great post this month! Several laugh out loud ones!
    You are awesome :)

  4. Those pictures of Caroline are suitable for framing! Loved the pictures of Brandon dunking, and as always, ALWAYS, the Out of the Mouths from your babes made me day.
    Grandma Sweat

  5. I love your new camera! The pictures look great.